A Black & Gold New Years Eve!

Okay, so I sort of love New Years Eve, but not for the reasons most people probably do. I also have a confession, I've never been out to a bar on New Years Eve, except maybe one time, when I was 22. I hated it so much, even then. I always remember being home with my parents on New Years Eve and we always hosted a big party, Everyone came to the house to celebrate with us. I remember riding my three wheeler around my dads pool table in our club basement, giggling and laughing. I loved being around my family and all of my cousins. I would always try so hard to stay up to see the ball drop. I remember barley holding my eyes open every year as we watched the ball drop on T.V. Cut to me being 27 with two kids of my own. 

I've always sort of made a big deal about New Years Eve. It's just a fun Holiday where nobody really expects anything besides a good time, and maybe a cheap shot at karaoke. Things aren't super fancy around here, We always do a countdown celebration with the kids that starts at 7 pm, With an activity every hour until Midnight when we get to watch the ball drop. These are always activities that are appealing to all ages. One year, we made glow in the dark T-shirts, another, we made our own party hats. Other activities can be baking cupcakes or your own mini pizzas. Playing a board game, having a dance contest or playing glow in the dark freeze tag. 

This year I'm vowing to not sweat the small stuff. I probably won't do a full out theme like I've done in the past. I'll stick to keeping things fun for the kids with some adult friendly drinks thrown in;) We'll have a balloon drop at midnight and raise our glasses of champagne to toast to the New Year. 

This might just be the only space I decorate. And it's full of all those tacky and cliche things one might see on New Years Eve. I mean, what's more cliche then black & gold, right? 

Originally, I had planned to make my own ball drop, complete with a Styrofoam glitter ball in the end, this $2 silver lantern from Target won out. I know, I took the cheaters way out on this one guys.

I seriously had no intention of doing anything with this space for NYE, however I had all the stuff and was feeling sort of inspired. Plus, it's fitting to turn my rustic hot chocolate station into a "champagne and wine" station for the Holiday, who's with me?!

I'm wishing all of you the happiest of New Years! I hope your day is spent doing whatever it is you want to do! I'm so excited for all of the good things that will surely come in 2016! 

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to support me. It truly means the world to me and I feel so blessed each and every day to share my spaces with all of you!  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart! CHEERS! xo


Apple Pie Cookies & More!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas! I know we did, even though it didn't snow and instead rained for like 80 days straight. BOO. Christmas is so fun but so exhausting sometimes! I think we often get so caught up in trying to make everything perfect that we forget what it's really about. Jesus and the smiles on our children's faces on Christmas Morning. That always puts things into perspective for me. I'd be lying if I sat here and told you I wasn't sort of relieved that it's all over and we can move on. I love it, but I'm just glad it's over with until another year. I started packing up the house the day after Christmas, I know, crazy. But I was always raised that way, and if I'm being honest, my OCD was getting the best of me. For the most part the house is (partially) back to normal and I'm busy preparing to host New Years Eve as we do every year.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know the picture I shared yesterday of these super yummy (and easy!) apple pie cookies! Savanna loves baking with me, she throws on her apron, pulls up a chair and can't wait to get her hands on some cookie dough (or whatever other item we're working on at the moment.) It's the cutest thing and it's so fun having a baking partner again..Maybe one day she can join in on the wine part. ;)

I originally saw the idea on one of those Facebook recipe sites! I immediately filed the recipe in the back of my head and knew we'd try them ASAP. You'll seriously be amazed at how easy these babes were to cook up! You can check out the original link on Facebook HERE. Or the original recipe, here

We made some minor modifications and they turned out perfect. They taste really similar to apple dumplings,and Nick says they are just mini apple pies, which is accurate. But, YOU try eating just one and tell me how hard that is. I served mine to the kids before bed warmed up with some vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with cinnamon. We just piled them on a plate for Santa. ;)

Also, if cookies are your thing (duh, who doesn't love cookies!) then you need to try these yummy Softbatch Chocolate Chip Cookies, we made these for one of our Christmas movie nights and they are TO DIE FOR! 

And just because we're on a roll with the food posting, How freaking cute are these little snowmen I made on Christmas Eve Morning for the kids?

I love winter time because, baking. I hate winter time because, Scales. I really hate those stupid things that just mess with my good sweet tooth vibes. 

PS. I may or may not have purchased some new Valentine's Day decor. But, I'm not going to freak anyone out and post anything yet. I'm planning to blog tomorrow about how we do New Years Eve around here so come check that out if you want! I always love your feedback, encouragement and sweet comments! Be sure to keep up with The Glam Farmhouse on Instagram and on Facebook! xoxo

A Little Christmas Getaway

Hey friends! NOTE: This is a family post. So if you're here to see decor stuff, you probably don't care to read any of this;) I'm more or less just documenting it for my own memory. I hope you don't mind! 

Can you believe it's Christmas Week? Seriously? I've said it a thousand and one times but this Christmas came so fast, at least for us! I've been so busy just keeping up with daily tasks and then adding on the additional Holiday stuff like, Baking, Wrapping, Shopping, and moving the same Christmas Pillows around 876 times, that I haven't had much time to blog. I'm hoping for a fresh start next week has everything goes back to "normal" well, as normal as things get around here. 

This past weekend, we took a little mini family trip to Washington, D.C. We normally go to Disney World this time of year but decided to go in September this year instead, I missed being in Disney at Christmastime, but there's always next year! Anyway, since we skipped Disney this year we decided we'd hit up this event, Christmas On The Potomac

We had a fun time! We only stayed for a night and I feel like that was enough for me, as I just needed a little mini refresh and time with the family to remind myself what the season is actually about. Nick's been working so much at the flip house that we haven't been seeing each other much lately and I've been a little down. With house projects on the back burner while we push to get the flip ready for the market in January. We had a fun time away! And I'm so happy the temps dipped a little bit and made it feel a little more like Christmas! There was a lot to do at the Resort! We arrived early Saturday morning, checked into our hotel and went to see the ICE! Show, which is the "main event" it's a themed walk-through type thing and everything is made out of ICE, which is pretty darn amazing if you ask me. The theme this year was SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN, and that's one of my favorite classic Holiday movies!

After the Ice show we had dinner at a restaurant in the National Harbour. They have plenty to choose from and lots of variety! The National Harbour is basically it's own little town, and it looks to be a shopping district for lots of people.

We took the kids to Build a Bear Workshop because Savanna has never been. She seen The Grinch and the rest is HISTORY. She's so obsessed with him this year, which is weird to me because I found him pretty darn scary when I was a kid. But she wants to watch the movie and read the book ALL THE TIME. And she basically hasn't put down The Grinch and His dog Max, since we got them. 

We had a really awesome view of the resort and atrium, along with the gorgeous little "town" and grand Christmas tree!

At night, the atrium has light shows, and it's so relaxing being able to watch from your room with a glass of wine, or ya know, three if you're ME. ;)

We went to breakfast on Saturday morning, it was supposed to be a character meal with Kris Kringle and Friends (Topper the penguin) I guess Disney has us spoiled because overall we were pretty disappointed with this. The food wasn't good, they didn't have a ton of variety and Kris and Topper never even made it to our table after we waited for an hour. People were just coming up to them and asking for pictures and at Disney things are a little more organized. Savanna was still just happy to see the penguin so that's all that matters.

After breakfast we went to decorate Gingerbread Houses with Gingy! This spot used to be inside the atrium but it moved and now it's near the ICE tent. We had fun decorating, but the ambiance was a little meh. I think I'm just super judgey because I compare everything to Disney lol Savanna thought this was "time to eat all the candy!" because we hardly had enough to finish the house! 

That's what it's all about though, and our gingerbread house, missing candy and all, is proudly displayed at our hot chocolate station.

Savanna thinks vacation was exhausting. ;-P Overall, we had a great little weekend getaway, I doubt we'll be back for a while but it was still nice to get away with the kids and hubby this busy time of year! 

How is everyone with shopping? I still have to go out and pick up odds and ends and I'm seriously dreading it. Stores are way too crazy for me right now, I get anxiety just thinking about it! LOL. Christmas isn't even over yet and I'm already missing it. I'm nervous about how bare everything will look with all the Christmas stuff away. I hope you all enjoy the week! XO

Christmas Kitchen Tour

Okay so we've pretty much all established that I love Christmas, right? And basically all Holidays in general? Good. I'm glad that's all out in the open. I'm so adoring seeing all of your lovely spaces decked out for the Holidays. What is it about shiny bulbs, pretty greenery and twinkling lights that make one all giddy? 

I kept things super simple as far as kitchen decorating goes though this year for the Holidays. Probably because it was the last space I "decorated" and was sort of running out of decorations by the time I even though to decorate the kitchen, but since our dining room is basically connected, I thought the Rustic Hot Chocolate Station I put together should be good for the main focus.

I really believe that sometimes less is more, although sometimes my house would tell you otherwise. HA! This season I was lazy and picked up some cheap dollar store wreaths to tie to the back of our bar stools. I think it adds a lot to the space and for $3? I mean. SCORE, right?!

Yesterday, while doing my least favorite thing in the world, GROCERY SHOPPING, I stumbled across these pretty little red tulips.

Tulips are like, my favorite. So it made this particular trip to the grocery store a little bit more bearable. They were pretty bad off though and starting to wilt. I actually love them like this though, I can easily perk them right back up with a little bit of bleach and sugar water. (Or pennies. Pennies work too. Sounds weird, I know. But it was a little trick I learned a couple of years ago and it works amazing for bringing tulips "back to life" as my Mom would say. My Dad has the green thumb in our family and he's taught my quite a lot about plants. Did I really just write a whole paragraph about tulips? I did. I almost want to delete this, but I won't. I want you guys to see how my mind really works. OBVIOUSLY, ALL OVER THE PLACE. 

Anyway, back on topic. My Christmas Kitchen. I mean, if you want to call some pom pom garland, red tulips and a vintage Santa Christmas decorations..stay with me here.

I really am obsessed with my most recent purchase from Painted Fox This farmhouse tray is so perfect and so fixer upperish. (I mean, that's what I'm guessing, I wouldn't actually know, you guys would probably kill me if I told you I've never watched the show.) You can get your own by clicking on the link the the right. You. are. welcome. ;) 

This Santa is extra special to me because I remember it being displayed in my childhood home. I love that I can fill my house up with things that mean a lot to me. I think one of the most important things to remember when decorating is to STOP decorating and start COLLECTING. I just love things that tell a story. Don't you?

Keeping along with the collected, not decorated theme, My vintage coke crate is probably one of my most favorite things on the planet. I love putting it out for Summer, decorating it for The 4th of July, using it for BBQ's and it OBVIOUSLY works as Christmas Decor. As it's been used a few different ways this past month alone. 

Another thing I love to do is use natural elements when decorating, I always have some type of greenery or flowers out no matter what the season. 

I have a few updates(and by few, I mean a hundred.) I'm hoping to make in the kitchen in 2016 so stay tuned, after all, nothing stays the same around here for long. You should probably pray for my husband. 

Also, I finally started my Christmas Wrapping today, I wrapped 3 presents before I decided I would just buy gift bags for everything. #lazygirlprobs, also the temps have been crazy here this year, 66 degrees in December? WHAT WORLD IS THIS? I'm not a winter girl in any sense but I really do love snow around Christmas, and then as far as I'm concerned it could just be summer until next December. Doesn't look like we'll get lucky with that this year though. Bummer. I guess we'll just stay cooped up in the house pretending to be snowed in watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate and staying in our pajamas all day. 

Are you feeling prepared for the Holidays? Let's chat! Hit me up on Instagram or on Facebook! 

I'll be back with a new post on Friday! Thank you so much for encouraging me and all of your ever so sweet comments! It means the world! XO 

Rustic Hot Chocolate Station

Hey guys! Number one, I apologize at my lame attempts at blogging. Please forgive me. And if you're reading this, Thank you so much for continuing to support me! Things have been crazy busy and every day I'm like, "I'm going to write a post.." and every day comes and goes and guess what? No post. But today, I promised.

I swear I'm such a freak. I've literally changed up the buffet in the kitchen 3 times in a month. It's okay if you don't think I have a life, because I don't. I decorate because I'm bored and in a weird way it's a stress reliever and creative outlet for me. Putting spaces together is something I find truly fascinating. I know, I'm a nerd. It's cool. I've accepted it. 

So when I changed up this space for the THIRD time it was because I was inspired by all of you and your creative Hot Chocolate Stations. I mean, I guess it's not really practical and before I put one together I told myself, will we ever really use this? And the answer is, YES, YES & YES. Like, we use ours almost every single day. And I love that I can just make a cup without making a huge mess and having to put everything away. It's actually helping me be more creative with mixing stuff together too. M&M's in your hot chocolate? Just makes everything better! So here is the latest set up happening in this space. I have to admit, it's my most favorite yet. 

I used what I had to put this all together, The Coke crate is something I've had for a while and I've used it several different ways. It's so versatile, who would have thought, right? Earlier in the season I had it displayed in my kitchen with some greenery. It was gorgeous, but I needed to add some rustic elements to the Hot Chocolate Bar and this became the centerpiece. 

So many Target Dollar Spot Goodies! I'm sure you can all spot them! I think the key to decorating with the cheaper stuff, is to use some authentic items too. I picked up this lantern at a local barn sale and I just HEART it so so much! I also added some fresh greenery from our very own pine trees to make things a bit more authentic feeling. I love incorporating natural elements in decor. I think it keeps things feeling natural. 

So,basically, Target rocks. But you all knew that, didn't you?! ;) 

You could throw one of these together yourself so easily, grab a basket or a crate, put some mugs out, grab some hot chocolate packets and throw them in some mason jars, sit out some marshmallows and other goodies. If you really want to spruce things up, sit out some Bailey's or Rum Chata to put in your mixes. Another favorite of mine is the Godiva Liquor. Seriously. It's too die for! Basically, keep it fun and don't force anything. 

So what do you guys think about a Hot Chocolate Station? Do you have one? Do you want one? What are some must haves at your stations? 

Feel free to leave a comment below or messaging me on Instagram! I love hearing from you! 


A Rustic Christmas

Okay, so I'm a bad blogger. This week has been off to a crazy busy start. Ironic because aren't we all supposed to slow down and reflect on the days before Thanksgiving? My plan was to post every single Sunday night, regardless of what was happening or what was going on. I think that something that's so important for bloggers is consistency. Here I am already breaking that rule. But life is real ya'll..and I'm going to be honest with you and say that after losing my football teams starting quarterback Sunday, I drank lots of wine to drown my sorrows. 

So here I am! Hi! 

Today we're going to talk about how random I am. I posted last week my winter wonderland themed buffet stand in the dining room. I'm so grateful for all the sweet comments I received, and I really did like the the theme. But when I looked at it, after leaving it alone for a day, I still didn't LOVE it. Nope. It didn't make me feel all giddy and happy inside. I guess it just didn't feel like ME. So, I did what any normal person would do in situations like this and just removed everything and started new. Ironically, I used most things I already had, and with this theme I was able to incorporate some of those Target Dollar Spot goodies I loved so much and that my sweetie pies, is what makes my heart happy!

This is definitely more rustic then glam but it makes my heart happy, when I look at it, I just imagine I'm somewhere in a cabin on top of a really big mountain, sipping my hot cocoa on a faux bearskin rug with a roaring fireplace and warm fuzzy socks watching Christmas movies on repeat. Funny how even the smallest of spaces can make us feel a certain way. 

I took 8,567 pictures because, well.. that's just what bloggers do, right? No? Oh well. Here's a few pictures because the buffet wanted to model for all of you today.

There are still a few things I want to do in this space to prepare for the Holidays, but as of, 6:47 PM on November, 22nd 2015 I'm content. ;) 

I think we can get so caught up in trying to replicate what other people are doing that we need to remember what works for US. I love mixing old and new things together to create meaningful spaces. Although some of the things pictured are new items, I just love the little lantern I picked up at Sweet Clover Barn last week because it adds character to space. I don't want to fool anyone into thinking I'm an expert because I'm totally NOT! When I post decorating tips, I'm just letting all of you know what works for ME when I'm decorating. I think once you start,and you figure out what YOUR style is, things just start to flow freely. And it ends up being awesome! 

Thanks for letting me share my home with all of you! It means so much to me to have you here! What do you guys think about this rustic look? 

Also, all sources listed below just in case any of you want to get your hands on these goodies! 
Magnolia Wreath- Decor Steals similar on Painted Fox Treasures
Tall Flocked Tree- Joss & Main
Crystal Chandelier- Home Depot
Banner, Small Tree, Red Jar and Metal Bucket- Target Dollar Spot
Stools, Black Chairs- Ikea
Table- Pier 1
Lantern & Garland- Home Goods
Table Runners- H&M 

Wall Paint Color- Wood Smoke by Valspar


Friday Favorites- Flicker Box Review

Happy Friday! I I feel like we made it here really fast this week. I think that's just because Thanksgiving is slowly creeping up on us and before you know it, we'll all blink and BAM, Christmas is over and we're all just over here hating winter and wishing for Spring. Or maybe that's just me. ;) 

When I started my Instagram and started sharing my home with you, I had no idea so many people could relate with me and vice versa. It was so exciting to discover such an amazing community full of love and support! I love "giving back" so to speak and showing love to small shops and accounts. So on Fridays I'm going to share with you some of my "favorites" for the week! If you are interested in being featured, shoot me an e-mail with a short bio and a little information about you and we'll put you in the SPOTLIGHT! :) 

Earlier this week I showed you an awesome new candle subscription box, called Flicker BoxYes. You read that right. A CANDLE SUBSCRIPTION BOX. A BOX. WITH CANDLES. Every month. Right to your doorstep. I mean. This was basically a dream come true for me. Since you know, I'm a candle hoarder. Seriously. I think I need rehab. Do they make rehab for candle addicts? They should. But I don't really want to be cured so I guess that would be pretty pointless. Someone brought it to my attention that every picture I post has a candle in it. And that is correct. I think candles add amazing ambiance to a space and at little cost. That's the really awesome thing about getting a THEMED candle box in the mail every month. It's literally like Christmas, but 12 times a year!

I was really impressed with my first box.

I received 3 candles total, A Full Sized Brown Sugar Pineapple candle (which I L.O.V.E). 

A Medium Sized Pumpkin Latte Candle and a Mini "Wild Thing" Candle. 

This candle was really rustic, and rich. A little too rich for me but I'll still burn it. I'm not displeased, It's just not something I would normally go out and buy. But that's the cool thing about this box. You can venture out and try new things.

This candle is amazing! I wish it was bigger! Smells so yummy and clean! Plus the little tin is the cutest!

It looks so cute on my little farmhouse tray from Painted Fox Treasures!

I thought it was cute they included matches and also a little card that tells you about each candle. 

What really sold me on the boxes though, is the theme each month. I love themes! For November it was "Gobble Til You Wobble" and I also have a little hint for you about next months box. The theme is "Merry & Bright" and YES, I have even MORE awesome news for you, Order by December 10th and get 15% off any subscription JUST FOR THE GLAM FARMHOUSE READERS! Use code BOX4U. 

Thank you to Flicker Box for hooking up all my lovely followers and readers. I love all of you, your support and kind words! Even on my darkest days, you all bring some sunshine into my life! SO THANK YOU!! I hope you enjoy Flicker Box as much as me! If you end up getting a subscription, let me know! I'd love to hear all about your experiences with the boxes as well!