A Rustic Christmas

Okay, so I'm a bad blogger. This week has been off to a crazy busy start. Ironic because aren't we all supposed to slow down and reflect on the days before Thanksgiving? My plan was to post every single Sunday night, regardless of what was happening or what was going on. I think that something that's so important for bloggers is consistency. Here I am already breaking that rule. But life is real ya'll..and I'm going to be honest with you and say that after losing my football teams starting quarterback Sunday, I drank lots of wine to drown my sorrows. 

So here I am! Hi! 

Today we're going to talk about how random I am. I posted last week my winter wonderland themed buffet stand in the dining room. I'm so grateful for all the sweet comments I received, and I really did like the the theme. But when I looked at it, after leaving it alone for a day, I still didn't LOVE it. Nope. It didn't make me feel all giddy and happy inside. I guess it just didn't feel like ME. So, I did what any normal person would do in situations like this and just removed everything and started new. Ironically, I used most things I already had, and with this theme I was able to incorporate some of those Target Dollar Spot goodies I loved so much and that my sweetie pies, is what makes my heart happy!

This is definitely more rustic then glam but it makes my heart happy, when I look at it, I just imagine I'm somewhere in a cabin on top of a really big mountain, sipping my hot cocoa on a faux bearskin rug with a roaring fireplace and warm fuzzy socks watching Christmas movies on repeat. Funny how even the smallest of spaces can make us feel a certain way. 

I took 8,567 pictures because, well.. that's just what bloggers do, right? No? Oh well. Here's a few pictures because the buffet wanted to model for all of you today.

There are still a few things I want to do in this space to prepare for the Holidays, but as of, 6:47 PM on November, 22nd 2015 I'm content. ;) 

I think we can get so caught up in trying to replicate what other people are doing that we need to remember what works for US. I love mixing old and new things together to create meaningful spaces. Although some of the things pictured are new items, I just love the little lantern I picked up at Sweet Clover Barn last week because it adds character to space. I don't want to fool anyone into thinking I'm an expert because I'm totally NOT! When I post decorating tips, I'm just letting all of you know what works for ME when I'm decorating. I think once you start,and you figure out what YOUR style is, things just start to flow freely. And it ends up being awesome! 

Thanks for letting me share my home with all of you! It means so much to me to have you here! What do you guys think about this rustic look? 

Also, all sources listed below just in case any of you want to get your hands on these goodies! 
Magnolia Wreath- Decor Steals similar on Painted Fox Treasures
Tall Flocked Tree- Joss & Main
Crystal Chandelier- Home Depot
Banner, Small Tree, Red Jar and Metal Bucket- Target Dollar Spot
Stools, Black Chairs- Ikea
Table- Pier 1
Lantern & Garland- Home Goods
Table Runners- H&M 

Wall Paint Color- Wood Smoke by Valspar


Friday Favorites- Flicker Box Review

Happy Friday! I I feel like we made it here really fast this week. I think that's just because Thanksgiving is slowly creeping up on us and before you know it, we'll all blink and BAM, Christmas is over and we're all just over here hating winter and wishing for Spring. Or maybe that's just me. ;) 

When I started my Instagram and started sharing my home with you, I had no idea so many people could relate with me and vice versa. It was so exciting to discover such an amazing community full of love and support! I love "giving back" so to speak and showing love to small shops and accounts. So on Fridays I'm going to share with you some of my "favorites" for the week! If you are interested in being featured, shoot me an e-mail with a short bio and a little information about you and we'll put you in the SPOTLIGHT! :) 

Earlier this week I showed you an awesome new candle subscription box, called Flicker BoxYes. You read that right. A CANDLE SUBSCRIPTION BOX. A BOX. WITH CANDLES. Every month. Right to your doorstep. I mean. This was basically a dream come true for me. Since you know, I'm a candle hoarder. Seriously. I think I need rehab. Do they make rehab for candle addicts? They should. But I don't really want to be cured so I guess that would be pretty pointless. Someone brought it to my attention that every picture I post has a candle in it. And that is correct. I think candles add amazing ambiance to a space and at little cost. That's the really awesome thing about getting a THEMED candle box in the mail every month. It's literally like Christmas, but 12 times a year!

I was really impressed with my first box.

I received 3 candles total, A Full Sized Brown Sugar Pineapple candle (which I L.O.V.E). 

A Medium Sized Pumpkin Latte Candle and a Mini "Wild Thing" Candle. 

This candle was really rustic, and rich. A little too rich for me but I'll still burn it. I'm not displeased, It's just not something I would normally go out and buy. But that's the cool thing about this box. You can venture out and try new things.

This candle is amazing! I wish it was bigger! Smells so yummy and clean! Plus the little tin is the cutest!

It looks so cute on my little farmhouse tray from Painted Fox Treasures!

I thought it was cute they included matches and also a little card that tells you about each candle. 

What really sold me on the boxes though, is the theme each month. I love themes! For November it was "Gobble Til You Wobble" and I also have a little hint for you about next months box. The theme is "Merry & Bright" and YES, I have even MORE awesome news for you, Order by December 10th and get 15% off any subscription JUST FOR THE GLAM FARMHOUSE READERS! Use code BOX4U. 

Thank you to Flicker Box for hooking up all my lovely followers and readers. I love all of you, your support and kind words! Even on my darkest days, you all bring some sunshine into my life! SO THANK YOU!! I hope you enjoy Flicker Box as much as me! If you end up getting a subscription, let me know! I'd love to hear all about your experiences with the boxes as well! 

Merry Everything & A Winter Wonderland!

I love this saying so much. Merry Everything. Because regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or not, I think we all can enjoy the season and become a little bit more "merry". Even more then this saying, I love Stephanie from Homespun Signs. She is beautiful, inside and out and she is so talented! I so envy those of you who can just whip out the power tools and build all sorts of beautiful things. I'm just not that great with tools, which is why most of the time I leave that stuff to the hubs.

This is the second sign I've received from HomeSpun Signs and it's just as gorgeous as the first. Stephanie can customize any saying for you and create the most beautiful custom pieces.

I think this sign would make a beautiful house warming gift, or gift for anyone really! 

I played around with a few different set ups for this space. I do that sometimes. Because I'm rarely happy the first time around. Actually, this set up has changed all together since this picture. But it's cool. That's the beauty and fun of decorating. You can change things up as often as you want and it's completely okay. At least to me. Nick probably wouldn't agree with me. But whatever. 

The look I was going for was Winter Wonderland. I was so obsessed with this cotton garland I picked up from Home Goods! I've never seen anything like it! 

Also, for those of you always asking me how to style with Target dollar spot goodies, the answer is simple. Mixing Dollar Goodies with other items keep things looking unique and not cheap. 

This little reindeer has quickly become Savanna's newest obsession, Thankfully it's plastic so it's okay if I can't stop her little hands from getting to it in time. I've also been asked by a ton of people already where I got the driftwood tree, It's from Home Goods and my store had one left today. I thought it was unique and different which is why I snagged mine. 

So, I have to ask, What do you guys think about this space?! Let me know in a comment below or DM me on Instagram! Happy Tuesday!

Sled, Reindeer, Driftwood Tree, Wonderful Sign-  Home Goods
Fur Runner- Pier 1
Farmhouse Bucket- Painted Fox
Wooden Ski's, Galvanized Pail- Target
Flocked Tree- Joss & Main

Silver & Gold

I love fall. The pumpkins, the leaves, the weather, the return of boots and cute scarves. Starbucks. I mean. I just love fall. But I also love Christmas, and Holidays in general. What IS it about this lovely holiday that brings us together, makes us feel cozy and safe? Protected and loved? If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my Christmas stash,and you probably even saw a little peek at my Christmas decor. I've been trying to hold off, but I can't any longer. I promise I tried. I tried real hard. But even Nick is all, "When are we putting the tree up?" That was the icing on the fruit cake for me, well..if fruit cake had icing but that's a different post for a different time;) 

So tonight, we went out to search for a Christmas tree. We haven't set it up yet but it's comforting to me to know it's patiently waiting, waiting to be filled with pretty ornaments and see all sorts of love surround it. In the meantime, I've been adding little touches of Christmas here and there..you know, doing a few easy things to make my house cozier for the Holidays.

I've never decorated my bedroom for the Holidays before but I sort of love it. 

Nothing over the top of course. If you know me my style is torn between rustic and glamorous things. As much as my heart skips a beat for an old window, I love mercury glass and pretty shiny things too. Which is why I went a little different with things in our master bedroom. Purple walls keep the room feeling cozy and romantic, it also feels really warm. White furnishings and touches of gold and silver keep the room soft. It was never my intention to mix gold and silver together but that's just sort of the way things worked out in here. I ended up loving it!

Plus, there's a song about silver & gold right? So let's just say this room is EXTRA festive. Ya know, in it's own way. 

How seriously amazing is this gorgeous lamp from Target?! I saw it and knew I needed to bring it home! Plus it's under $40! WHAT?!!! 

Also, let's talk about this amazing throw which is SO soft. Home Goods has the most gorgeous faux fur blankets right now. I grabbed three! Ya'll know I'm a blanket hoarder. 

Oh, I like candles too. 

I'm curious, Do you decorate your bedrooms for the Holidays? I'd love to see! Tag me on Instagram or on Facebook! 

Have a great week! XO

Headboard : Joss & Main
Tree, Pinecones, Bedding, Snowflake Pillow : Home Goods
Silver Tray, Nightstand, Candle Holder : Pier 1 Imports
Mercury Glass Lamp, Starburst Mirror : Target


Natural Thanksgiving Tablescape

Pumpkins. So basic. So simple. And so darn pretty! I just LOVE to incorporate natural elements into decor. For lots of reason, #1 being that most of the time it's cheap or free. Which makes Nick happy. It's also no secret that Fall is the favorite season of most basic females. Pumpkins, Starbucks, Leggings. Repeat. And it's completely okay in my book. 

Pumpkins are my most have decorating item for fall, for obvious reasons. They can be used in so many ways. This year for Thanksgiving I didn't want to spend a ton of money, but I didn't really want the same look I had last year. So, duh. I used pumpkins and dried hydrangea stems that I already had. I got a completely different look then last year and it was F.R.E.E. WIN. 

Also, you may or may not know that tablescapes aren't really my thing, I adore seeing them on my social media feeds and in magazines but for us, they just aren't practical. Since we don't eat at our dining room table (hello, that's what the island bar is for!) and since I also have a touchy 2 year old, they just don't make sense for my family right now. So Thanksgiving and Christmas are one of the two times I get to put them together and I always have so much fun! 

Can you spot the fake pumpkin? I won't tell if you don't. I know you'll keep my secrets. ;) 

Thanks to all of you for not judging me too much for doing some Christmas Decorating last night, I just couldn't help myself. Christmas is so fun! I've been decorated for fall since September and although I LOVE it, I'm getting kind of bored. I think my house is confused though, currently it's Halloween on my porch, Thanksgiving in my dining room and Christmas in the living room. I'll just tell everyone we're transitioning. 

What do you think about using natural elements in your decorating. Will you use natural items in your tablescapes or Christmas decorating?  I'd love to chat and see what you're up too! Follow me on Instagram or Chat with me on Facebook


Savannas Playroom & A Fun new SHOP!

So #1. I've determined I need to schedule time to blog or else I'll never do it. I'm still working on a "schedule" that works for me but it's hard. Maybe one day I'll get it down. In the meantime, today I'm here, blogging. I guess I should be semi-consistent. I promise I'll try! ;) 

Today I wanted to share with you some of Savannas Playroom and some gorgeous prints we got from Royal Prints Inc.! I love that they are gold, printed on heavy duty card stock and are just beautiful in person. I'm a sucker for shiny gold things. And so is Savanna because when I was putting these up she says, "Oh, Mommy. So pretty." (Side note: Need to update these photos, can't believe how much she's changed!)

I "finished" Savanna's playroom for her 1st Birthday, and I still love it as much now as I did then. There are still a few things I hope to do, but since I've started her bedroom remodel this room will have to do for now. Am I the only one that has like, 80 things going on at once? That's another thing I need to work on, actually focusing on one thing at a time. Also, according to the way I'm rambling another thing I need to do is focus on the topic at hand..

 Savanna's Playroom. Royal Prints. Okay. I got it.

I was inspired originally by a picture in a Pottery Barn Catalog for the playroom. I loved the pink and black contrast and decided to add some touches of blue and gold to keep it fun. I painted some cheap Ikea Frames with gold, pink and blue spray paint. I also painted the chairs to her play table pink for more contrast. I loved the little playhouse from the original inspiration shot so much, I had to buy it! I can't find it on the Pottery Barn site anymore, but I think it's the sweetest thing! I'm obsessing over the tee-pees but can't justify buying one when we already have this playhouse. 

Oh and these days? ANY time the camera is out Savanna says, "Take a Picture of me Mommy!"Then she proceeds to give me looks like this..

OR she finds things incredibly hilarious. OMG! That wall! It's so funny? 

This stuffed Clover that she got for Easter this year is the Toy of choice this week. I vowed NO STUFFED ANIMALS before I had her, but it's funny the things we end up doing that we say we'll never do when we're Mom's. Our stuffed animal collection is growing by the day, which means I have to find a storage solution and fast! 

ALSO. I went to Target today. For the LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE PLEASE KEEP ME OUT OF THAT STORE UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS. PS. I'll be sharing my finds on Instagram tomorrow;) Thank you everyone for the constant support and LOVE! I can never tell you enough how much you ALL mean to me! 

I received the prints from Royal Prints Inc. free to review. All opinions are my own. 

Fall Dining Room and A New Sign!

Hi friends! I know that some of you are ready for Christmas and some of you are feeling like things are being rushed. I'm probably somewhere in the middle. I feel the urge and excitement of Christmas, but I also feel the need to slow down time and remind myself to enjoy the moment. Which is why, for now, we are still decorated for Fall/Thanksgiving at the Scardina House. I really just love the neutrals of fall this year. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for whites but have a special place in my heart for blue things. No matter how neutral I try to be I always gravitate towards blue. It's funny because I tell Nick it must be because I love the Ocean so much. But I also have a love for our sweet little life in the country and when you mix the two together, well..I guess you get our house. 

My dining room is probably one of my favorite rooms currently, as it's basically the only room I feel content with, like I don't need to do a full makeover to feel good about it, I especially loved it after we hung the light fixture from Home Depot. It adds such a pretty element to the space, it didn't cost much and it completely transformed this area. Lighting always makes a big impact and whenever I'm doing a makeover it's the first thing I add or subtract from an area!

I decorate this buffet table for every holiday and season. Sometimes, more then once per season/holiday;) I got the original table from Way Fair but ended up chalk painting it to get the look I was going for. I'll blog about it sometime soon! 

Anyway, here's the current fall set up. I love all the plaids and blues and whites together. Don't you? I found the vine "BOO!" sign at Marshalls for a steal at $10! I had intentions of using it outside but somehow it ended up here and it works. 

I found the twigs on one of my walks with Savanna one afternoon, it never even dawned on me to actually use them inside, but they work oddly enough and duh, free decor!

You can check out the Painted Fox link on the right if you love these cute little farmhouse pails as much as me! 

Also, I was so excited to see this big box on my doorstep! I knew immediately what it was and couldn't hang it fast enough. Literally, I'm pretty sure I had my drill in hand when the UPS guy dropped it off! It's HUGE and metal and fits so amazingly perfect in this space!

 I found it on a flash sale at Antique Farmhouse, which is the most amazing site and I've found the most unique things! It's also very versatile and can be used in so many different spaces. 

What do you guys think? Do you like the sign in the space? Also, I'm curious to know how you are feeling about decorating for Thanksgiving or Christmas right now. Let's chat on Instagram or leave a comment below! I'd love to hear all of your thoughts!

Happy Sunday, Here's to a great week! XO, Laurie

Welcome To The Glam Farmhouse!

Hey guys! I'm Laurie. Most of you probably know me already, as I'm sure a lot of you are here from Instagram or Facebook. Or it's probably just my Mom trying to, ya know, "support me" or whatever.

I won't keep you too long but I'd like to do a quick intro. I'm a 27 year old Wannabe Southern Belle living here in a small Maryland town. I'm a Momma to two beautiful children, my son Nick, 12 and Savanna, 2. I love collecting all things that tell a story, old mason jars, sweet tea and chalk paint! Or as my son would say "My Mom likes taking old things and making them look older." I'm an Ex- Sports Journalist turned Stay At Home Mom. Football is something I will always be passionate about. I'm a beach girl, and love the sunshine. But I also love the mountains and getting cozy watching the snow fall. 

I created The Glam Farmhouse to inspire others and show you that, no decorating renovation project however big or small is too hard. Anything can be made beautiful with hard work and dedication. I'm also here to tell you, You don't have to have a big fancy house or a lot of money to create amazing spaces or a cozy home. I will show you here, how to decorate with things you already have and on a budget. 

I haven't always had a passion for DIY projects or Interior Design, it didn't start for me until we purchased our first home in 2011. It was, and still is, a major fixer upper and work in progress. However, it's truly been fun making our house a home and I'm here to share with you all about our journey. I'm also here to tell you that no project, however big or small, should intimidate you. You are capable of anything! I will prove it to you, right here, everyday on this little blog. I'm so excited to have you here and can't wait to share more about my journey with you! 

I will also be doing a Friday Shoutout to Small Shops every Friday, starting next week. If you are a small shop and are interested in being featured and perhaps hosting a giveaway or offering a code of some sort to my readers or followers please E-mail Me: lauriescardina@gmail.com. 

While I work on the navigating aspects of this whole blog thing, Be sure to follow @theglamfarmhouse on Instagram to see what I'm up too. (Or at least, what I'm having the hubby work on!) 

I'm so happy you're here and can't wait to see where this journey takes us!