A Rustic Christmas

Okay, so I'm a bad blogger. This week has been off to a crazy busy start. Ironic because aren't we all supposed to slow down and reflect on the days before Thanksgiving? My plan was to post every single Sunday night, regardless of what was happening or what was going on. I think that something that's so important for bloggers is consistency. Here I am already breaking that rule. But life is real ya'll..and I'm going to be honest with you and say that after losing my football teams starting quarterback Sunday, I drank lots of wine to drown my sorrows. 

So here I am! Hi! 

Today we're going to talk about how random I am. I posted last week my winter wonderland themed buffet stand in the dining room. I'm so grateful for all the sweet comments I received, and I really did like the the theme. But when I looked at it, after leaving it alone for a day, I still didn't LOVE it. Nope. It didn't make me feel all giddy and happy inside. I guess it just didn't feel like ME. So, I did what any normal person would do in situations like this and just removed everything and started new. Ironically, I used most things I already had, and with this theme I was able to incorporate some of those Target Dollar Spot goodies I loved so much and that my sweetie pies, is what makes my heart happy!

This is definitely more rustic then glam but it makes my heart happy, when I look at it, I just imagine I'm somewhere in a cabin on top of a really big mountain, sipping my hot cocoa on a faux bearskin rug with a roaring fireplace and warm fuzzy socks watching Christmas movies on repeat. Funny how even the smallest of spaces can make us feel a certain way. 

I took 8,567 pictures because, well.. that's just what bloggers do, right? No? Oh well. Here's a few pictures because the buffet wanted to model for all of you today.

There are still a few things I want to do in this space to prepare for the Holidays, but as of, 6:47 PM on November, 22nd 2015 I'm content. ;) 

I think we can get so caught up in trying to replicate what other people are doing that we need to remember what works for US. I love mixing old and new things together to create meaningful spaces. Although some of the things pictured are new items, I just love the little lantern I picked up at Sweet Clover Barn last week because it adds character to space. I don't want to fool anyone into thinking I'm an expert because I'm totally NOT! When I post decorating tips, I'm just letting all of you know what works for ME when I'm decorating. I think once you start,and you figure out what YOUR style is, things just start to flow freely. And it ends up being awesome! 

Thanks for letting me share my home with all of you! It means so much to me to have you here! What do you guys think about this rustic look? 

Also, all sources listed below just in case any of you want to get your hands on these goodies! 
Magnolia Wreath- Decor Steals similar on Painted Fox Treasures
Tall Flocked Tree- Joss & Main
Crystal Chandelier- Home Depot
Banner, Small Tree, Red Jar and Metal Bucket- Target Dollar Spot
Stools, Black Chairs- Ikea
Table- Pier 1
Lantern & Garland- Home Goods
Table Runners- H&M 

Wall Paint Color- Wood Smoke by Valspar


  1. The Dollar Spot is totally killing it as of late. Dominic's first birthday party is like a lumberjack buffalo plaid theme and I'm snatching up all the goodies. All of them. I'm such a sucker for tradition it's bad sometimes. I put things in exactly the same place as the year before. So mixing it up is hard for me but I wish it wasn't. I love being able to shop in my own home too. But I don't have the stash you do my goodness!!! All is such fun though.

  2. Gorgeous sweet girl! Even though your other design was just as awesome it's so important it makes YOU happy! And this is absolutely perfect I actually traveled in my mind to the cozy cabin you were imagining as well!!

  3. Oh I just love all of this! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! 😘

  4. We have the tree banner & lots of other goodies from the Target dollar spot, too. They hit it out of the park this season!

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