Friday Favorites- Flicker Box Review

Happy Friday! I I feel like we made it here really fast this week. I think that's just because Thanksgiving is slowly creeping up on us and before you know it, we'll all blink and BAM, Christmas is over and we're all just over here hating winter and wishing for Spring. Or maybe that's just me. ;) 

When I started my Instagram and started sharing my home with you, I had no idea so many people could relate with me and vice versa. It was so exciting to discover such an amazing community full of love and support! I love "giving back" so to speak and showing love to small shops and accounts. So on Fridays I'm going to share with you some of my "favorites" for the week! If you are interested in being featured, shoot me an e-mail with a short bio and a little information about you and we'll put you in the SPOTLIGHT! :) 

Earlier this week I showed you an awesome new candle subscription box, called Flicker BoxYes. You read that right. A CANDLE SUBSCRIPTION BOX. A BOX. WITH CANDLES. Every month. Right to your doorstep. I mean. This was basically a dream come true for me. Since you know, I'm a candle hoarder. Seriously. I think I need rehab. Do they make rehab for candle addicts? They should. But I don't really want to be cured so I guess that would be pretty pointless. Someone brought it to my attention that every picture I post has a candle in it. And that is correct. I think candles add amazing ambiance to a space and at little cost. That's the really awesome thing about getting a THEMED candle box in the mail every month. It's literally like Christmas, but 12 times a year!

I was really impressed with my first box.

I received 3 candles total, A Full Sized Brown Sugar Pineapple candle (which I L.O.V.E). 

A Medium Sized Pumpkin Latte Candle and a Mini "Wild Thing" Candle. 

This candle was really rustic, and rich. A little too rich for me but I'll still burn it. I'm not displeased, It's just not something I would normally go out and buy. But that's the cool thing about this box. You can venture out and try new things.

This candle is amazing! I wish it was bigger! Smells so yummy and clean! Plus the little tin is the cutest!

It looks so cute on my little farmhouse tray from Painted Fox Treasures!

I thought it was cute they included matches and also a little card that tells you about each candle. 

What really sold me on the boxes though, is the theme each month. I love themes! For November it was "Gobble Til You Wobble" and I also have a little hint for you about next months box. The theme is "Merry & Bright" and YES, I have even MORE awesome news for you, Order by December 10th and get 15% off any subscription JUST FOR THE GLAM FARMHOUSE READERS! Use code BOX4U. 

Thank you to Flicker Box for hooking up all my lovely followers and readers. I love all of you, your support and kind words! Even on my darkest days, you all bring some sunshine into my life! SO THANK YOU!! I hope you enjoy Flicker Box as much as me! If you end up getting a subscription, let me know! I'd love to hear all about your experiences with the boxes as well!