Merry Everything & A Winter Wonderland!

I love this saying so much. Merry Everything. Because regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or not, I think we all can enjoy the season and become a little bit more "merry". Even more then this saying, I love Stephanie from Homespun Signs. She is beautiful, inside and out and she is so talented! I so envy those of you who can just whip out the power tools and build all sorts of beautiful things. I'm just not that great with tools, which is why most of the time I leave that stuff to the hubs.

This is the second sign I've received from HomeSpun Signs and it's just as gorgeous as the first. Stephanie can customize any saying for you and create the most beautiful custom pieces.

I think this sign would make a beautiful house warming gift, or gift for anyone really! 

I played around with a few different set ups for this space. I do that sometimes. Because I'm rarely happy the first time around. Actually, this set up has changed all together since this picture. But it's cool. That's the beauty and fun of decorating. You can change things up as often as you want and it's completely okay. At least to me. Nick probably wouldn't agree with me. But whatever. 

The look I was going for was Winter Wonderland. I was so obsessed with this cotton garland I picked up from Home Goods! I've never seen anything like it! 

Also, for those of you always asking me how to style with Target dollar spot goodies, the answer is simple. Mixing Dollar Goodies with other items keep things looking unique and not cheap. 

This little reindeer has quickly become Savanna's newest obsession, Thankfully it's plastic so it's okay if I can't stop her little hands from getting to it in time. I've also been asked by a ton of people already where I got the driftwood tree, It's from Home Goods and my store had one left today. I thought it was unique and different which is why I snagged mine. 

So, I have to ask, What do you guys think about this space?! Let me know in a comment below or DM me on Instagram! Happy Tuesday!

Sled, Reindeer, Driftwood Tree, Wonderful Sign-  Home Goods
Fur Runner- Pier 1
Farmhouse Bucket- Painted Fox
Wooden Ski's, Galvanized Pail- Target
Flocked Tree- Joss & Main