Savannas Playroom & A Fun new SHOP!

So #1. I've determined I need to schedule time to blog or else I'll never do it. I'm still working on a "schedule" that works for me but it's hard. Maybe one day I'll get it down. In the meantime, today I'm here, blogging. I guess I should be semi-consistent. I promise I'll try! ;) 

Today I wanted to share with you some of Savannas Playroom and some gorgeous prints we got from Royal Prints Inc.! I love that they are gold, printed on heavy duty card stock and are just beautiful in person. I'm a sucker for shiny gold things. And so is Savanna because when I was putting these up she says, "Oh, Mommy. So pretty." (Side note: Need to update these photos, can't believe how much she's changed!)

I "finished" Savanna's playroom for her 1st Birthday, and I still love it as much now as I did then. There are still a few things I hope to do, but since I've started her bedroom remodel this room will have to do for now. Am I the only one that has like, 80 things going on at once? That's another thing I need to work on, actually focusing on one thing at a time. Also, according to the way I'm rambling another thing I need to do is focus on the topic at hand..

 Savanna's Playroom. Royal Prints. Okay. I got it.

I was inspired originally by a picture in a Pottery Barn Catalog for the playroom. I loved the pink and black contrast and decided to add some touches of blue and gold to keep it fun. I painted some cheap Ikea Frames with gold, pink and blue spray paint. I also painted the chairs to her play table pink for more contrast. I loved the little playhouse from the original inspiration shot so much, I had to buy it! I can't find it on the Pottery Barn site anymore, but I think it's the sweetest thing! I'm obsessing over the tee-pees but can't justify buying one when we already have this playhouse. 

Oh and these days? ANY time the camera is out Savanna says, "Take a Picture of me Mommy!"Then she proceeds to give me looks like this..

OR she finds things incredibly hilarious. OMG! That wall! It's so funny? 

This stuffed Clover that she got for Easter this year is the Toy of choice this week. I vowed NO STUFFED ANIMALS before I had her, but it's funny the things we end up doing that we say we'll never do when we're Mom's. Our stuffed animal collection is growing by the day, which means I have to find a storage solution and fast! 

ALSO. I went to Target today. For the LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE PLEASE KEEP ME OUT OF THAT STORE UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS. PS. I'll be sharing my finds on Instagram tomorrow;) Thank you everyone for the constant support and LOVE! I can never tell you enough how much you ALL mean to me! 

I received the prints from Royal Prints Inc. free to review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I'm so excited you are blogging again! Do more Savanna posts! Love seeing her pretty face! Oh and the wall? Totally something Brylee would laugh at too!

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