A Black & Gold New Years Eve!

Okay, so I sort of love New Years Eve, but not for the reasons most people probably do. I also have a confession, I've never been out to a bar on New Years Eve, except maybe one time, when I was 22. I hated it so much, even then. I always remember being home with my parents on New Years Eve and we always hosted a big party, Everyone came to the house to celebrate with us. I remember riding my three wheeler around my dads pool table in our club basement, giggling and laughing. I loved being around my family and all of my cousins. I would always try so hard to stay up to see the ball drop. I remember barley holding my eyes open every year as we watched the ball drop on T.V. Cut to me being 27 with two kids of my own. 

I've always sort of made a big deal about New Years Eve. It's just a fun Holiday where nobody really expects anything besides a good time, and maybe a cheap shot at karaoke. Things aren't super fancy around here, We always do a countdown celebration with the kids that starts at 7 pm, With an activity every hour until Midnight when we get to watch the ball drop. These are always activities that are appealing to all ages. One year, we made glow in the dark T-shirts, another, we made our own party hats. Other activities can be baking cupcakes or your own mini pizzas. Playing a board game, having a dance contest or playing glow in the dark freeze tag. 

This year I'm vowing to not sweat the small stuff. I probably won't do a full out theme like I've done in the past. I'll stick to keeping things fun for the kids with some adult friendly drinks thrown in;) We'll have a balloon drop at midnight and raise our glasses of champagne to toast to the New Year. 

This might just be the only space I decorate. And it's full of all those tacky and cliche things one might see on New Years Eve. I mean, what's more cliche then black & gold, right? 

Originally, I had planned to make my own ball drop, complete with a Styrofoam glitter ball in the end, this $2 silver lantern from Target won out. I know, I took the cheaters way out on this one guys.

I seriously had no intention of doing anything with this space for NYE, however I had all the stuff and was feeling sort of inspired. Plus, it's fitting to turn my rustic hot chocolate station into a "champagne and wine" station for the Holiday, who's with me?!

I'm wishing all of you the happiest of New Years! I hope your day is spent doing whatever it is you want to do! I'm so excited for all of the good things that will surely come in 2016! 

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to support me. It truly means the world to me and I feel so blessed each and every day to share my spaces with all of you!  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart! CHEERS! xo