A Little Christmas Getaway

Hey friends! NOTE: This is a family post. So if you're here to see decor stuff, you probably don't care to read any of this;) I'm more or less just documenting it for my own memory. I hope you don't mind! 

Can you believe it's Christmas Week? Seriously? I've said it a thousand and one times but this Christmas came so fast, at least for us! I've been so busy just keeping up with daily tasks and then adding on the additional Holiday stuff like, Baking, Wrapping, Shopping, and moving the same Christmas Pillows around 876 times, that I haven't had much time to blog. I'm hoping for a fresh start next week has everything goes back to "normal" well, as normal as things get around here. 

This past weekend, we took a little mini family trip to Washington, D.C. We normally go to Disney World this time of year but decided to go in September this year instead, I missed being in Disney at Christmastime, but there's always next year! Anyway, since we skipped Disney this year we decided we'd hit up this event, Christmas On The Potomac

We had a fun time! We only stayed for a night and I feel like that was enough for me, as I just needed a little mini refresh and time with the family to remind myself what the season is actually about. Nick's been working so much at the flip house that we haven't been seeing each other much lately and I've been a little down. With house projects on the back burner while we push to get the flip ready for the market in January. We had a fun time away! And I'm so happy the temps dipped a little bit and made it feel a little more like Christmas! There was a lot to do at the Resort! We arrived early Saturday morning, checked into our hotel and went to see the ICE! Show, which is the "main event" it's a themed walk-through type thing and everything is made out of ICE, which is pretty darn amazing if you ask me. The theme this year was SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN, and that's one of my favorite classic Holiday movies!

After the Ice show we had dinner at a restaurant in the National Harbour. They have plenty to choose from and lots of variety! The National Harbour is basically it's own little town, and it looks to be a shopping district for lots of people.

We took the kids to Build a Bear Workshop because Savanna has never been. She seen The Grinch and the rest is HISTORY. She's so obsessed with him this year, which is weird to me because I found him pretty darn scary when I was a kid. But she wants to watch the movie and read the book ALL THE TIME. And she basically hasn't put down The Grinch and His dog Max, since we got them. 

We had a really awesome view of the resort and atrium, along with the gorgeous little "town" and grand Christmas tree!

At night, the atrium has light shows, and it's so relaxing being able to watch from your room with a glass of wine, or ya know, three if you're ME. ;)

We went to breakfast on Saturday morning, it was supposed to be a character meal with Kris Kringle and Friends (Topper the penguin) I guess Disney has us spoiled because overall we were pretty disappointed with this. The food wasn't good, they didn't have a ton of variety and Kris and Topper never even made it to our table after we waited for an hour. People were just coming up to them and asking for pictures and at Disney things are a little more organized. Savanna was still just happy to see the penguin so that's all that matters.

After breakfast we went to decorate Gingerbread Houses with Gingy! This spot used to be inside the atrium but it moved and now it's near the ICE tent. We had fun decorating, but the ambiance was a little meh. I think I'm just super judgey because I compare everything to Disney lol Savanna thought this was "time to eat all the candy!" because we hardly had enough to finish the house! 

That's what it's all about though, and our gingerbread house, missing candy and all, is proudly displayed at our hot chocolate station.

Savanna thinks vacation was exhausting. ;-P Overall, we had a great little weekend getaway, I doubt we'll be back for a while but it was still nice to get away with the kids and hubby this busy time of year! 

How is everyone with shopping? I still have to go out and pick up odds and ends and I'm seriously dreading it. Stores are way too crazy for me right now, I get anxiety just thinking about it! LOL. Christmas isn't even over yet and I'm already missing it. I'm nervous about how bare everything will look with all the Christmas stuff away. I hope you all enjoy the week! XO


  1. What a fun weekend! I saw some posts from your trip on IG and I was blown away by how beautiful that hotel is! And that ice show - WOW! I love going to D.C. and I think we need to stay there next time we make a trip down! Glad you were able to get away for a couple days and recharge!

  2. What a neat event! So glad that you were able to get away for a bit & refresh. Everyone needs that now & again!

  3. I have never heard of this but I like the sounds of it! I mean nothing compares to Disney. Ever. But it's the best we can do around here right? ;)