Christmas Kitchen Tour

Okay so we've pretty much all established that I love Christmas, right? And basically all Holidays in general? Good. I'm glad that's all out in the open. I'm so adoring seeing all of your lovely spaces decked out for the Holidays. What is it about shiny bulbs, pretty greenery and twinkling lights that make one all giddy? 

I kept things super simple as far as kitchen decorating goes though this year for the Holidays. Probably because it was the last space I "decorated" and was sort of running out of decorations by the time I even though to decorate the kitchen, but since our dining room is basically connected, I thought the Rustic Hot Chocolate Station I put together should be good for the main focus.

I really believe that sometimes less is more, although sometimes my house would tell you otherwise. HA! This season I was lazy and picked up some cheap dollar store wreaths to tie to the back of our bar stools. I think it adds a lot to the space and for $3? I mean. SCORE, right?!

Yesterday, while doing my least favorite thing in the world, GROCERY SHOPPING, I stumbled across these pretty little red tulips.

Tulips are like, my favorite. So it made this particular trip to the grocery store a little bit more bearable. They were pretty bad off though and starting to wilt. I actually love them like this though, I can easily perk them right back up with a little bit of bleach and sugar water. (Or pennies. Pennies work too. Sounds weird, I know. But it was a little trick I learned a couple of years ago and it works amazing for bringing tulips "back to life" as my Mom would say. My Dad has the green thumb in our family and he's taught my quite a lot about plants. Did I really just write a whole paragraph about tulips? I did. I almost want to delete this, but I won't. I want you guys to see how my mind really works. OBVIOUSLY, ALL OVER THE PLACE. 

Anyway, back on topic. My Christmas Kitchen. I mean, if you want to call some pom pom garland, red tulips and a vintage Santa Christmas decorations..stay with me here.

I really am obsessed with my most recent purchase from Painted Fox This farmhouse tray is so perfect and so fixer upperish. (I mean, that's what I'm guessing, I wouldn't actually know, you guys would probably kill me if I told you I've never watched the show.) You can get your own by clicking on the link the the right. You. are. welcome. ;) 

This Santa is extra special to me because I remember it being displayed in my childhood home. I love that I can fill my house up with things that mean a lot to me. I think one of the most important things to remember when decorating is to STOP decorating and start COLLECTING. I just love things that tell a story. Don't you?

Keeping along with the collected, not decorated theme, My vintage coke crate is probably one of my most favorite things on the planet. I love putting it out for Summer, decorating it for The 4th of July, using it for BBQ's and it OBVIOUSLY works as Christmas Decor. As it's been used a few different ways this past month alone. 

Another thing I love to do is use natural elements when decorating, I always have some type of greenery or flowers out no matter what the season. 

I have a few updates(and by few, I mean a hundred.) I'm hoping to make in the kitchen in 2016 so stay tuned, after all, nothing stays the same around here for long. You should probably pray for my husband. 

Also, I finally started my Christmas Wrapping today, I wrapped 3 presents before I decided I would just buy gift bags for everything. #lazygirlprobs, also the temps have been crazy here this year, 66 degrees in December? WHAT WORLD IS THIS? I'm not a winter girl in any sense but I really do love snow around Christmas, and then as far as I'm concerned it could just be summer until next December. Doesn't look like we'll get lucky with that this year though. Bummer. I guess we'll just stay cooped up in the house pretending to be snowed in watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate and staying in our pajamas all day. 

Are you feeling prepared for the Holidays? Let's chat! Hit me up on Instagram or on Facebook! 

I'll be back with a new post on Friday! Thank you so much for encouraging me and all of your ever so sweet comments! It means the world! XO 


  1. Looks great! Love those wreaths. Would never guess just $3! That farmhouse tray is definitely on my wish list.

  2. You have one gorgeous kitchen little lady! I love how you set it up for Christmas. Very inviting and fun! Oh and I just adore your tip about collecting instead of decorating. I'm in the phase where I'm starting to get rid of the "decorations" that I got just to fill up space and replacing them with meaningful things that actually make me happy. It's a process and I'm nowhere near what I want my home to feel and represent but I'm getting there in baby steps ;) Might as well enjoy the process, right?

  3. I love it all! I especially love how you are so real on Instagram and your blog. While following people it's easy to think, "wow, this person has it all together" then you always bring us back to real life and remind us that you have struggles too. I appreciate your posts:). Jill Anderson

  4. I love it all! I especially love how you are so real on Instagram and your blog. While following people it's easy to think, "wow, this person has it all together" then you always bring us back to real life and remind us that you have struggles too. I appreciate your posts:). Jill Anderson

  5. I love love love the new tray!!! It's gorgeous. And I feel like you are quoting Bed of Roses with that penny in the water business. But it's probably 7up in the water? So I'm thinking. Anyways the kitchen looks amazing!!

  6. Your kitchen {& home} is just gorgeous. I think the dollar wreaths are my favorite. :)

  7. I adore those wreaths on the backs of your chairs! Absolute perfection!

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