The $12 trick to refresh the Ikea Ektorp Sofa!

Do you have an Ikea Ektorp Sofa? Are the cushions looking a little less then fluffy? Like, maybe a little bit.. flat, even? Are you constantly "fluffing" up the cushions so that they don't sink down and look sloppy? 
Then you might wanna skip this post.. or maybe, you could find the information I'm about to share with you valuable in another part of your life. 
You know, actually, I didn't even notice just HOW bad my cushions were until I did this little "trick" (I mean, I guess that's what you could call it?) to give my cushions new life.

Our Ikea Ektorp sofa is over 5 years old. And it's been extremely good to us, but it's showing some signs of wear. Especially the cushions. I'm finding myself always trying to "fluff" them up and keep them from flopping over. 

So one day, I got this idea that I wanted to "re-fluff" our cushions. I mean, I'm sure we all just sit around and constantly think of things to add to our already long to do lists, right? I know I do. *rolls eyes* But this was something that NEEDED to be done. At least at that moment and in my eyes. So just humor me and act like this idea is really genius and that I just saved your life or something by sharing this information with you. 

This is the $12 update that can make your sofa look BRAND NEW (or well, close to it anyway.) Are you dying to know all about what I did yet? 

You guys, it's literally the most simple thing, EVER.

I picked up a bag of Poly Fill from Amazon. (If your couch is really bad, you might need two bags.) And then just got the stuffin'.

The top cushions are a little tricky, because they don't zip, so I had to cut little tiny slits in them to stuff the cotton inside, I guess if you're meticulous you could sew these cushions back up, but I wasn't really that stressed over it so I just left the little cut as is.
I just filled until it looked nice and big and fluffy again.
Make sure you use sharp scissors or a knife. 

The bottom cushions were a ton easier because they un-zipper. So I just stuffed the filling in between the cushions, again, just until it looked big and fluffy again. 

I seriously didn't even realize just how sad my poor sofa was looking until I added this fill!! Just check the before and after for yourself.
Now my cushions are nice and fluffy! 
Pretty cool, right? I think that this just happens to every Ikea Sofa after time, so this is a pretty cool idea to keep in the back of your mind for when your sofa is looking tired and in need of a little love. I absolutely LOVE this sofa and am so glad with this purchase! 

Do you have an Ikea Ektorp, or are you wanting one? What do you guys think about adding poly fill to fluff up the cushions? Will you try this little trick in the future? 
Always love to hear from you guys! 

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