Borrow or Share?

Hey guys! I want to start off this post by saying that I never, EVER, agree to share something with you guys unless I truly support a product myself. This goes for everything I decide to share with you. Shops. Websites. People to Follow..etc. With that being said, Today I'm sharing something with you that I really believe in and 100% support and I'm sure you will too, When Borrow reached out to me, asking me to help spread the word, I knew I had to help out anyway I could.

The Website is and what it is, is an amazing company that aims at helping all the amazing people, and Military families. It is a Marketplace for sharing, renting and soon to be selling, of goods and services. 

Borrow for US Military is a special division of Borrow built specially for the military community. (and civilians living in military communities.)

You can list LITERALLY anything for rent or borrow as long as it's family friendly. This can be anything from photography and a babysitter/nanny and yes, even home decor. 

Borrow has ambassadors currently in San Diego, Monterey, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, South Korea and Alaska. And they are all Military or Military Spouses.

Borrow insures any item or service up to $500. So you don't have to worry about your hands on toddler accidentally breaking a borrowed item, or about paying for services and not receiving them.

As a lister, you get 90% of all booking fees. 

Currently Borrow has listings in over 20 countries, including the UK and South Korea. 

This whole concept is BEAUTIFUL, and an awesome way for Military families to connect and offer their services to other Military families. I know you guys will love the concept and idea just as much as me! 

To make this whole thing even sweeter, Borrow has offered to raffle off 5 $50 GIFT CARDS to TARGET if you sign up on via this link or via Instagram. I put a temporary link up in my BIO on Instagram if that's an easier way for you to sign up. The raffle ends in 5 DAYS so make sure you sign up before then to be entered! Who doesn't want $50 to Target? (Um,have you seen their new Decor?!) 

I hope you all spread the word about this amazing site!