December 2015 Flicker Box Review

I posted in November about this really awesome subscription box I discovered. I was really pleased with last months box overall and have been anticipating the arrival of the December box. I was a bit disappointed when I received an E-mail stating that this months box would be delayed as I was looking forward to enjoying the scents of the season all month long, I only just got my box yesterday, the 22nd of December. I get that things happen, but I did want to mention the fact that the box was a little late this month. I would love it if the box arrived earlier in the month so that I could actually enjoy that month's scents in THAT month. Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense! ha!

Anyway, the theme for this months box was Merry & Bright! Lovely theme and I think the box stuck to that. I received One Medium sized candle this month, with a set of tapers, and two smaller sized candles. Overall a good value, I suppose. I only wish the peppermint candle were a bit bigger, i'ts amazing and I love the scent! As always, you get a pack of matches, which is always helpful. 

The Description for each candle and it's origin is listed on the back of a post card sized photo. I love reading about where the candles come from and how they're made. I'm such a candle freak and I always love discovering new scents and candles to use in my home! This is a great way to discover new brands and get a taste of what's out there. 

This is only my second box and I'm already excited for next month. I'm a sucker for anything themed and I feel like this box keeps me excited for the next months, it's like getting a Christmas present for yourself every month! And I mean, let's be real. Who doesn't love presents!? ;) 

My only disappointment this month, was that the spice candle left hardly any scent. :(
I'm hearing that next months box will be LUMBERJACK themed! Uh, come again? Awesome!

This box subscription would make a great gift for anyone, or even just yourself! Interested in signing up? Head over to Flicker Box to find out more!

As always, feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on Instagram if you want to chat! 


  1. That's a shame that it didn't arrive until almost the end of the month.... But I guess better late than never!!

  2. I am obsessed with candles! What a fun a subscription box! I seriously need to check this out. How does it work? Do all subscribers get the same box or is it customized to your taste? (I mean, if I said that I hated a random scent, would they make a point to NOT send that scent to me?) Thanks for sharing!