Dining Room Winter Decor

Contain your excitement folks, I know you are just so super duper excited to see what happened to my house (or in this case, my dining room) after Christmas was all packed up and put away. And if you aren't excited, let's pretend, okay? Because I'm blogging about a space I've blogged about a thousand times before,and I hope you guys don't mind because I changed it up. AGAIN. For like, the 8357th time in a month. I know, I don't have a life other then moving things around in the same boring spaces, ALL. THE. TIME. But I need to have some sort of hobby here folks. So, back to pretending you guys are all super pumped up for this.. 

I loved the Hot Chocolate Station set up, but.. I decided at the end of the day, the red was sort of throwing me off and as much as I loved it, it was in fact a bit too Christmas like. I hated packing all that stuff away, but at the same time, I always get a tiny bit excited to start over again. I was also excited to put the dough bowl back front & center. Yup. It's sort of a sad day when you end up getting excited about dough bowls. But I do, and I am so, that's that. 

Winter is sort of hard to decorate for, do you just leave things bare until the next Holiday or Season? Do you skip right ahead to Valentine's Day (if you even decorate for Valentine's Day.) Do you just leave up neutral decor? I mean. SO MANY QUESTIONS. Obviously, if you want to decorate for Valentine's Day at this point, Whatevs. Go for it! I'm not going to judge you, but if you sort of wanna pay your tribute to the frosty season, then it's pretty easy to do that. Incorporating simple touches of blue and some snow coated pine cones keep things feeling like winter, without looking like Christmas decorations. And there is a fine line folks. A really fine line. 

At the end of the day, I couldn't put this coke crate in storage. I mean. It's just too fabulous not to leave out. 

I decided I loved the buffalo check dollar spot place mat more then I probably should, so it stayed out. Along with the pom pom garland that was previously wrapped around the little flocked tree at Christmas. Because it's white, and fluffy, and reminds me of little snowballs. 

The Farmhouse Buckets are so versatile! I love them so much! And you guys thought you had to put those Target Ski's away after Christmas, didn't you? I'm here to tell you that, nope. You don't! 

I have to admit, I'm feeling much more comfortable decorating with my typical blues and neutrals vs. red. No matter how hard I try, I'm always drawn to the soft blue hues! It's so soothing, and pretty. Like the beach. :) And let's face it, I'm a beach girl at heart. I love a good snow, but ONE. Then I'm all, IS IT SPRING YET? But one must not rush things, so for now, I'm sitting back and enjoying the soft blue hues, pretty greens and frosty pinecones. 

Do you decorate for Winter? I want to see! Tag me in a photo on Instagram and let's chat and be inspired! 

Happy Winter! :)


  1. I tend to agree with you that red speaks Christmas to me. I take everything down to all neutral stuff right after New Years. I have like.... Four things I put up then beginning of February for Valentine's Day but not much. Then nothing till Easter. So. Yeah. My busiest seasons are September - December. Lol

  2. That buffalo check place mat is perfection! All of this looks so gorgeous!

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