How To Decorate for Winter

Winter is hard, like. Really hard. At least up here in the North it is. The cold temps and short dreary days put us all in sort of a blah mood, at least that's what happens to me. So in the winter, I pass the time and try to make sitting in the house more often a little bit more bearable by filling my planner up with projects and making ridiculously long outrageous to-do lists. It also helps to start planning our upcoming trips, preferably to warmer and sunnier places. My doctor prescribes a Vitamin D tablet for me to take during these long months, and oddly, they help. Like, a whole lot. To the point of when I don't take them I can feel my energy levels draining. Gross.

Something else I do to pass the time? Decorate. Obvi. It's like THE best (although Mr. TGF would probably say different..) hobby to have. I shared our Winter Dining Room in a post last week, I talked a little bit about some winter elements that I use when going from Christmas to Winter. For me, personally, there are a few elements that Winter Decorating has to include..

1. Greenery. It could be fake, it could be real..It doesn't really matter. Evergreen is one of the things that you can put up for Christmas and leave up all Winter if you really want too. I currently have greenery in several different areas right now, you can incorporate it anywhere really. 

2. Pine Cones. Again, another simple, and possibly, FREE thing. You can always use some fake spray snow to give pine cones a frosted more Wintery look, but even just plain, they are still really awesome. I use them in dough bowls, in baskets, and several other sneaky places that I just want to make feel more Wintery. I managed to snag a bag of these Pine Cones at Home Goods earlier in the season and when I bought them, I knew I could just do SO much with them. I used them on this tray from Painted Fox, and again in my farmhouse buckets, and AGAIN in my trusty dough bowl..

and all of these things come together? You get a gorgeous Winter Display!

3. Blue. What is it about the color blue that makes things feel Wintery? I don't know. But it just works, a fun way to incorporate this color into your scheme is with mason jars. They are just so pretty and versatile and can be used in so many different ways! The color is so pretty, and I keep my mason jars out pretty much year round. They just always work. I find mine at local antique shops all the time and I can never seem to get out of buying 1 (or 8) of them every time I go. I often look for different styles and logos to find older ones. There is something really cool to me about thinking of all of the things the jars have probably held over time. 

4. Mercury Glass. I've had an obsession with Mercury Glass for a long time now. I feel like it can work with literally SO many different decorating styles. Plus it adds a fun mix with my usually rustic style. 

My most recent Winter Centerpiece was this one I put together today, and currently..I'm obsessed. Cause let's be real..I love candles and baskets. (seriously, I have a candle obsession, it's a legit problem but that post is for another time and another place..) 

THIS is what happens when I get bored. Things start moving around and I go shopping. And by shopping, I mean, I shop my house. It's one of my favorite things to do! And it makes me love the things I already have all over again! (don't get it twisted though, this girl still loves a good trip to Target, duh. Who Doesn't.)

Those three simple things can give you a really pretty Winter Vignette and none of them cost a ton of money!! What are some of your favorite things to decorate with for Winter? Let's chat, you can find me on Instagram most of the time The Glam Farmhouse or on Facebook! (PS. If you aren't following me on Instagram already, head over there TONIGHT because I'll be making a BIG announcement!) xoxo


  1. Mason jars are a problem. For sure. My grammy gave me some that are super old and I mean. I love.

  2. These are all super gorgeous. I love your style.