Ikea Ektorp Sofa Review

One of the things I get asked about ALL THE TIME, Is the sofa in our living room. Let's start off by telling you guys where the Sofa is from(even though you probably gathered that information from the title of the post, hahaha sorry.) 

THIS is the IKEA Ektorp Sofa. It retails for $899 currently on Ikea.

I managed to snag this one on Craigslist for $200 (yes!!! $200!!) and all I did was buy some new covers for it. I don't know how old it was then, all I know is that we've had it for 3 years since and it's holding up so well. It's the perfect place to snuggle up, read stories, drink wine, watch football, watch movies, whatever! 

Have seriously received SO many requests for this post in particular. I feel like I'm always repeating myself when I'm answering the questions so, here, I'm going to try to sum it all up in one little blog post.

1. HOW do you have a white sofa with kids?

A: I have a toddler, 3 dogs, a messy husband and a preteen boy. This means I DON'T keep it clean. I'm going to be honest with you and tell you that I'm always wiping or washing. This is why having a light colored sofa actually made MORE sense to me. I can wash it if it gets messy (which is often) and I don't have to be so uptight about eating/drinking etc. in the living room. Which means we can actually LIVE and I'm not a basket case always saying "Don't do this!" or "Stop doing that!" It's not the easiest thing taking off the covers and putting them on, but it's not the end of the world either, and I love that I can just wash it, and get it smelling all clean and fresh again. Something you can't do with a normal typical couch. 

Not only that, but if the covers get too beat up, I can always replace it. The color I have currently, isn't actually WHITE. It's This Color. It's a really light beige, I've had the white cover and now that..was really hard to maintain. The beige is so much better, and is still super light and neutral which is what I love.

2. How often do you wash the covers and what do you use?

A: I've had the white covers, the gray covers and currently the beige covers. Of all of them, beige is probably my favorite. I like the light coloring but it doesn't feel as harsh as white. It feels a bit more warm, if that makes sense. Ikea says this particular cover isn't washeable, but I've had it for 2 years and it's held up just fine being thrown in the washer once a month (or sometimes more!) I just wash in a cup of vinegar to clean and keep it smelling fresh. 

3. Is it comfortable?

A: I think brand new, these sofas definitely need to be "broken in" Thankfully, ours was used so it was already comfy when we purchased. My husband was worried it wouldn't be comfortable but it totally is. It's not very wide though, so that's something to consider. My sofa is probably one of my most favorite places ever to curl up with a blanket and read a book (or just scroll through my Instagram feed!) After 3 years of use from us, I love it more then ever, it's so comfortable to flop down in! 

4. What about height? My husband is tall, is the sofa short? 

A: The Sofa is a little shorter then other sofas, but only a little. It's something I only noticed when our 6'2 friend came over to visit. He mentioned about the height, but then went out and bought the exact sofa, so it obviously didn't bother him too much. As far as width, the couch could be a little wider, but it feels the same as other sofas. 

The PROS of this Sofa outweigh any of the Cons. 

Can easily change the style (with a new cover, throw pillows, blankets..etc.)
Fits Almost Any Decor Style

Washing can sometimes be tedious
Couch could be a little wider

Would I purchase this again? In a heart beat! Actually we are purchasing another set of these sofas for our game room when it's completed. I really love that when I get bored I can switch up the covers, which is really awesome for someone like me, because I get bored. A lot. Ha!

I hope I was able to help some of you decide if the Ektorp is right for you and your family! If you have any other questions please feel free to shot me a message on The Glam Farmhouse or leave me a comment below. You can also visit The Glam Farmhouse on Facebook because we love social media! ;) 

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  1. Oh my goodness, Laurie! I've been working on a post about the Ektorp as well! Too funny! And I was laughing so hard when I read you purchased yours from CL too! I have two, a full sofa, and a love seat. I got one for $200 and the other for $150 and one had a brand new slipcover in the packaging! I also bought a new slipcover for the other sofa. I love my Ektorps and recommend them highly! Will be sharing my post in the near future too!

  2. It's sort of funny because people have asked me about that girl on instagram that you're friends with with the white couch so NOW! I can point them to this post! Makes sense!

  3. Thank you so much for this! I'm wanting to replace our mismatched couch/love seat with
    this exact thing! I'm a bit worried about the width of the seats though. Our current couch is a big overstuffed monster, and I think it's spoiled me on that. Lol! Have you ever had trouble getting a stain out of the beige cover since you can't bleach it?

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  5. Just wondering which beige you bought? I tried clicking on the link and it just took me to Ikea's home page

  6. Hi and thank you for this very useful post. I also have kids and wanted a stylish sofa that could still be used day in and out so bought an ektorp on eBay. The cover wasn't in great shape and a freind told me about Bemz.com, a company that makes beautiful covers for alot of different IKEA sofas (luckily including Ektorp). They have hundreds of colours and patterns and different kinds of materials (like cotton and linen). Long story short, I couldn't choose so ended up buying 2 different ones so when the cover's in the wash, my sofa doesn't need to be naked (and I never get bored of the way it looks!).

  7. Everything you wanted to know (or not lol) about Ikea "beige" in 2016.

    I've had Ektorp for a few years; I went with Blekinge white partly because they were cheap and partly so I could bleach them. It was fine, but I was never really happy with them for a number of reasons, many of which I've only realised since replacing the covers last month (I seem to buy a new one about every 2-3 years) with Lofallet beige, which is AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME (and almost as inexpensive).

    1. The Blekinge white 100% cotton are heavy cotton twill, and they do shrink. Not a big deal, but it just made them really tight not only to put on, but to SIT ON (this was true even before washing). I was never as happy with our sofa as the one we sat on (numerous times) in the store before buying, and it's only since getting the new covers that I realise what was going on. The looser weave means my sofa is FINALLY comfortable, and I actually like it in a way I haven't since we bought it! If these covers get discontinued I swear I'm going to stock up on them lol

    2. The beige is IMO a better colour than the white. The Blekinge are white. True white. TOO white. I always wanted a sort of PB "sand" cover (would've preferred linen, microfiber or velveteen if I'm honest), but at the time we bought our Ektorp, the white was the closest "light colour that can be washed instead of dry cleaned" there was. This new Lofallet Beige is much better with my "garage sale chic"/English chintz style living room with lots of warm-toned wood and curtain colours.

    3. Since this is an off-white - and also a cotton-poly blend - I took the step of scotchguarding the fabric since I won't be able to "real bleach" it. So far, so good; we have three (hairy) dogs, my husband is a coffee-and-tea slopper, and our teenager is oblivious to mess, so I figured it was worth the $10 investment into a can and at least see how it holds up. I think we're on week three, and liquids roll off it and so far... not a single blemish (shhh. I realise I'm tempting fate!). I'm hoping scotchguard will help release any stains it gets over time, too.

    4. We pair our Ektorp with the Tullsta chair. So far, Ikea only offers a cover for that in Nordvalla Beige - this is NOT an exatc match. The weave is different (it's more of a twill - diagonal grain - vs the Lofallet's more linen-like loose weave), and it's a slightly different colour. It does coordinate well, however; there is also an Ektorp Nordvalla Dark Beige sofa cover (which is noticeably darker), and it seems to me that the Tullsta chair cover is designed to coordinate with both. The Nordvalla is 3x the price of the Lofallet, btw, which is a surprise given that the Nordvalla is 100% polyester, and the Lofallet is a cotton/poly blend. I prefer the feel of the cotton/poly, but the chair looks fine. I have also scotchguarded it. Fwiw, I used the Auto fabric protector, partly because I couldn't GET the upholstery one anywhere locally (and Amazon Prime takes a while to ship it as for some reason it has to travel overground), and partly because I read somewhere that the difference between formulas is that they both repel liquids, but the Auto one protects from oil-based stains better. Given that we eat on our sofas, I thought it was worth a try.

    Hope this helps somebody else who is shopping! (PS Ikea, if you're reading: Lofallet beige for Tullsta, please! Or even same fabric in a coordinating warm-toned colour or prints, eg tapestry, paisley etc)

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  9. Hi there, reading your post and still a little confused on which beige cover you have. Is is the Loffalet Beige? Thank you!!!