Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate Station

Hey beauties and babes! Well, unfortunately, we are still snowed in and I'm going a little stir crazy. I got a new shipment of chalk paint today so that put me in a better mood. I'm working on a little something for Savannas Room Makeover and seriously hoping it wraps up soon cause..I'm sort of kinda over it. We got over 2 feet of snow which is honestly, just insanity. 

Anyway, Last night on Instagram I showed you guys a little peek at my Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate Station. You've probably established that I love Holidays by now, even the sometimes cheesy and corny ones. So it should come as no surprise that I did a little decorating for LOVE day. After telling myself for weeks I wouldn't cave and buy a ridiculous amount of items with cute little pink hearts, and cute shaped garlands and banners..I caved. 


What IS it about this Holiday that just sucks us women right on in? I don't know if its all the pink shiny things or if it's just the fact that no matter how much we try, we just LOVE, well..LOVE. At least I do. 

Valentine's Day is the one time of year where I can get away with a little pink in my decor, without hearing a bunch of slack from the boys in my house. (Thank goodness I have Savanna now, to love pink with me..) Although Nick doesn't pick on me too much, usually when he notices something different he just rolls his eyes and looks in the other direction. MEN. They don't get it. But you do! Right? 

Honestly, I had zero intentions of decorating much for Valentine's Day but while casually strolling Target for the 5th time in one week, I saw them putting out the most beautiful display of heart shaped gold and pink items I've ever seen. So I kept circling the space as they were unpacking, ya a hawk just waiting to attack her prey. And when he was all done unpacking all the items, I flocked to the end of the aisle, throwing my arms around all the pretty things.

 "OHHHH..." I said to myself. "It's so pretty.." I thought. I COULD TOTALLY DO SO MUCH WITH ALL OF THIS.

 So, the little pink flower heart on the mirror, The tassel garland and the "love today" mug came home with me. (Along with a few other Dollar Spot Items that I mean, I just couldn't pass up..) Come on, $3? They were practically giving the stuff away! (I know. I have a problem, but let's not talk about it right now, okay?!) 

So here's what we have going on now. I will probably tweak a few things but I love how glam and pink and glittery and shiny it is. 

The cake stand I used for Savanna's First Princess Fairy tale Party, I found it by accident..(and by accident, I mean it fell on my head when I opened up my "decor" closet) I thought it would be so pretty for Valentine's Day. I have an obsession with cake stands. I seriously have so many! And most of them have never even seen a cake. I just like to sit things on them. They are seriously so awesome when you have a space that needs some height. I use cake stands so much!

Like this white and super versitle one from Pier 1 Imports. Super cheap and I can seriously use it in so many different ways! 

I went ALL out decorating for Valentine's Day in the kitchen. And by all out, I mean I hung a Valentine's Day Towel. Hold the applause everyone. I know I outdid myself.

So, what do you guys think?!! Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?! I'd love to see! Tag me in photo on Instagram or leave me a comment below and let's CHAT! You can also find me on Facebook at The Glam Farmhouse

Tassel Garland, Pink Floral Heart, Candle & Love Today mug from Target
Silver Tray, "L" mug, Heart Decor, White Fur Runner from Pier 1


 photo glam-sig_zpszarat6ml.png


  1. Target Dollar Spot kills me. I have a few little things I put out for the holiday but mostly no. After the Christmas decor is all purged I just like my normal stuff for a bit you know?

  2. This is just the cutest! And I'm right there with you on the VDay decor... pink has always been my favorite color, and hearts one of my favorite things, so it's just the perfect holiday for decorating!

  3. So cute! I love how you still have the skis out, too!