Rustic Glam Dining Room Tour with Before & Afters!

Hey Everyone! I'm super excited you decided to come hang out with me for a bit today! Mom life is hard, ya know? I'm super grateful, but some days I just really need adult interaction. Thankfully I have you guys, and social media for that! 

You guys really blew me away with all the love you showed me on my last room "tour" post, here. So I decided to go through and just do a little mini tour of every room. Since most of you know we bought a fixer upper, you know that making this home has been a serious project. But that post is for another time and place, and right now I'm just going to share some pictures with you of one of my favorite rooms in our house currently! This is probably the only room in our house where I can say, okay..I'm content with this. It's a small room, so maybe that's why. HAHA! 
I'm going to take a trip down memory lane for a minute and take ya'll with me. 
You'll join me, won't you?! :) 

This is what the dining room looked like a few years ago. 

Yes, that's wood paneling on the walls. And not super cool wood paneling, actually WOOD paneling? I dunno, I guess the guy wanted to live in a tree house..or something. Can you hear me rolling my eyes right now? This was seriously brutal, taking down each individual piece of paneling, and it took FOREVER. But obviously, the end result made it worth it. Also, the steps to upstairs are what you see on the right. We knew immediately we wanted them GONE and wanted that space open. So we moved the staircase, and knocked down some walls. And where the steps used to be, is where we have the island bar now. Crazy right? Sometimes it's hard to believe it's the same house when looking at these pictures. 

Knocking down the wall seriously made such a difference in the space!

Pretty awesome, right?

Before the house seriously was lacking natural lighting, so I knew I wanted light colored cabinets and counter tops to make everything feel brighter. 

I painted the rooms 2 different colors before deciding on Wood Smoke By Valspar. It's the perfect soft gray without being cold or harsh. Don't you think?

I've never been a matchy matchy person, so that's how I ended up with 3 different types of dining room chairs. I think it keeps things interesting that way.

Lighting also played a really big part in our upgrades, it's SO important in a space!
When Nick and I rehab our houses, the first thing I do is upgrade the lighting, it can seriously make or break a room! 

Both lighting is from Home Depot and this Chandelier was only $120! I looked and debated so many other lights and this one was my favorite! Perfect price point too. I love the little bit of rustic glam it adds to the space! 

I get asked for sources a lot in this space, so I'll try to do my best to link all of them here. If I forgot something just send me a message on Instagram or leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer!

Wall Color: Wood Smoke By Valspar
Table: Pier 1
Jute Rug: Pier 1
Black Chairs: IKEA
Sideboard (Chalk Painted White): Wayfair
Bar Stools: IKEA
Tan Chairs: Kirklands
Table Runners: Table Runners
Throw Blankets: Marshalls 
Rocking Chair & Old Windows: Vintage

 photo glam-sig_zpszarat6ml.png


  1. When you put the before and afters side by side it really is such an incredible transformation!

  2. It looks great! Crazy to see the before photo, you guys did so much work!

  3. Holy transformation, Batman!! That is incredible! It looks like a completely different house and it's totally gorgeous now. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Love the transformation! Where did you get the light over the bar?

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  7. Just beautiful! I just love your style!

  8. Love your dining room and kitchen. Thanks for the tour. It is beautiful and inspiring.

  9. Love your dining room and kitchen. Thanks for the tour. It is beautiful and inspiring.

  10. I just love your style.It looks great and incentive.Thanks!

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