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This post is completely random, I sat down at my laptop today and was just drawing a complete blank on what to chat about.. I hate when that happens. But it also might be a good thing because even though I think that there isn't ONE thing or anything important to talk about, it doesn't mean there's NOTHING to talk about..right? Am I even making sense right now? *COVERS EYES IN EMBARRASSMENT" Okay, so that being said.. I decided things would be pretty random here on the blog today and I hope ya'll don't mind! 

First things first, Like, seriously. I was so so excited Phil didn't see his shadow earlier this week. I love a good winter snow but last week, I literally feel like we got enough to last a lifetime. And I'm over it. I want sunshine, flowers and gardening! Pretty fresh spring decor, with the windows open and the smell of lilacs in the air! Speaking of lilacs, how gorgeous is this photo I found on Pinterest.

I'm SAWOONING, I can't wait for our lilac bush to bloom! I have so many white vases and there is seriously nothing more simple and beautiful then fresh flowers in a simple white vase..agree?

Secondly, We leave for Jamaica in two weeks. 


 I picked up this super cute floppy hat from Target and I can't wait to wear it while we enjoy some fun in the sun! I'm so super nervous about leaving Savanna for 4 whole days. (Yes, we are going on a short trip!) I know we totally need adult time, but I've never been away from my babe and it's going to be hard on me. I'm pretty sure she could care less about me being gone, but separation anxiety from this momma is REAL. 

Also, this is my first week trying a really great new Hair Mask . As Mom's it's so easy to forget ourselves sometimes! I'm working on growing my hair as long as possible (it's been stuck at one length for like, 8 years..*rolls eyes*) and I'm taking coconut oil tablets and doing this hair mask three times a week, also trying to limit the heat styling and all that good stuff. I'm excited to see how this "method" works out for me! I'll be sure to share with you guys any updates! If you are following along on SnapChat [@glamfarmhouse] I posted a little video about my lash extensions. 

Superbowl is THIS weekend and I'm so excited! Also, a little anxious because I haven't been grocery shopping for anything yet. I don't even have an idea of what to make, although I do know I'll put this Buffalo Chicken Dip somewhere on the list, last time Denver was in the Superbowl we made a themed drink, I think I'll stay with that and do a themed drink for each team this year! PS. We're Ravens fans so we aren't really cheering for any team in particular.;)

And last but not least, if you follow along on Insta, then you know about our weekly hashtag challenge! It's where you basically just post a before and after shot to share with me and my good friend Tricia from @cleanhousewithkids, As you know, I'm obsessed with before and afters! Did you see yesterdays post of our Dining Room I would love to see all of you guys share your before and afters with us on Instagram

And now I will dump some random photos.

I seriously don't think Savanna has been out of Pj's all week, which is completely okay with me. ;) 

A photo that never made it to the blog or any of my social media handles..

And this one just because we love food around here!

This weekend I'm planning to finally 100% finish up Miss Savannas big girl room and am so excited to share the progress with you guys!

I'm putting together some good stuff for next week, including a post on the $40 update that can totally transform the look of your kitchen and tons of fun Valentine's Day posts! Including a post on how we celebrate love day around here! I'd love to have you stop over! Your comments and support always lift me up! Thank you!

So, What's on your mind today? Are you excited for Superbowl this weekend?! Or are you one of those "I hate the Superbowl type people?" Either way, I don't think any of us can deny the problems this weekend is sure to give our waistlines on Monday. Hope ya'll have a blast this weekend! XOXO

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  1. Those lilacs are gorgeous. I'm with you - I'm ready for spring! Jamaica - I am so, so jealous. Tim and I need a getaway like this so badly, but I don't know when we'll get around to planning one. Have so much fun! Can't wait to see Savanna's big girl room. We finished up Mila's in September and I seriously had so much fun planning it and putting it together. Oh, to be a kid again! :)

  2. Gosh yes lilacs! And spring! And Jamaica! You'll have such an amazing time and you guys deserve slash need it every now and again! Spoken by someone who has only left her babes over night twice and it was because I had to. Otherwise no. But you! You got this! Bravo!

  3. Hi Laurie. I found you via another blog. Your dining room is so nice! Even though we got a little peek at your kitchen, could you please show more of it? Thanks!

  4. Great post. I follow you on IG and just checked out your blog. I love it!

  5. Enjoy your time! It will be a great time for you & your hubby!