How To Upgrade Your Kitchen With $40!!

Good Morning Everyone! ANOTHER Snow Day here but it's all good, because we'll be in Jamaica next week.. Going away in the dead of winter is SO nice, because it gives us something to look forward too. Hopefully when we return from our trip, Spring makes a quick entrance. In the meantime, we'll just keep pushing through and fixing things up! ;)

I'm always looking for cheap ways to make a big impact in a space! ALWAYS. Although some big things are on my wish list (a farmhouse sink, duh.) I have a few minor things that I want to do to update our fixer upper. So today I'm sharing some news with you.. and it's sort of a big deal. (To me anyway..)

What was it about the kitchen that I still didn't love? Something was throwing me off..and then IT HIT ME. The cabinet hardware! Seems like such a minor thing, but it's actually HUGE. 

Last week I woke up one morning and decided I hated my cabinets, or maybe not my cabinets (though they really do need a paint job..) but my hardware. It was so..shiny. 

And NOT my style.

 Here's the thing about me, I don't ever really THINK about doing things, I just..well, do them. At first I thought, hmm..I'll spray paint my current cabinet hardware! 

Then I decided that sounded like too much work and I mean, it couldn't cost that much for new hardware, right? 

So, after a quick trip the store for new hardware, I came home ready and prepared to tackle this task! Feeling like the bad ass that I obviously am. (KIDDING. TOTALLY KIDDING.) I shared some of it on SnapChat.. then realized I didn't have enough hardware to finish all my cabinets. Apparently I can't count. I wasn't about to go back out to the store so for a day I had mis-matched cabinet hardware..sometimes that's cool, but this time. Well. It wasn't. Don't ask me how I slept that night, I think a drank a bottle of wine and eventually passed out just to forget about it. ;) 

Anyway, after all was said and done, I was so super excited and happy about this little $40 update. I'm often so amazed at how the littlest updates can make you fall in love with a space all over again! Best part? I didn't even need Nick's help with this one. It's always nice when we don't have to wait around for our husbands to do things, right?!! (Come on, I totally know I'm not alone on this!) 

Are you ready to see the difference? Of course you are! Because you love a good before and after, just like me! 

I think ya'll can agree with me that this simple update, really gives a different look to the kitchen. More of the rustic appeal I'm going for. Best part is, you can do this in any kitchen or space and see a transformation. It's one of the little things that doesn't take a ton of work or money! There are so many different styles of hardware you can truly express yourself in so many different ways. 

If you are searching for hardware, a crazy cheap and high quality way to go is Amazon. They have tons of great hardware at the best prices!

 Tell me what you think about my cabinet upgrade. Do you think it changes the space? What is a tip that you have for transforming a space on a budget? I would love to hear! Message me on Instagram or on Facebook! Always love to hear from you! 

Have fun shopping!

UPDATE: I got asked lots of questions about the hardware! You can find the exact hardware I used here

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  1. I really love the darker hardware on your white cabinets. It really is amazing how such simple updates make such a difference!

  2. Looks great!! I love your kitchen!

  3. Hardware does definitely add a major punch to your cabinets. I love the ones that you guys chose! As always, your house looks stunning.

  4. You wouldn't think hardware makes such a statement, but it sure does! Looks great, Laurie!

  5. Ok first off: jealous you are going to Jamaica!! And secondly I love the darker color. When we buy our next house I am seriously wanting it to be the oil rubbed bronze. And thirdly I'm glad your back to blogging:)

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  6. where did you get your hardware?? Is there a name for the hardware you used? I am planning on updating my cabinet knobs this week