Valentine's Day Breakfast

Hey Guys!! So another Holiday has come and gone, and I'm left just sort of standing around disgusted with all this red, sparkly pink decor.

 Okay, I'm kidding. Kind of. 

At the end of a Holiday, ANY Holiday, I'm always left just wondering, What's next for The Glam Farmhouse? Hm. Who knows? I can tell you it will involve all sorts of green! Because as much as I LOVE neutrals and whites inside the house, I don't enjoy it so much OUTSIDE. 

Anyway, give me some time to recoup, okay?? ;)

With Valentine's Day behind us, I wanted to share our Valentine's Day Breakfast in full detail, right here on the blog! I posted a couple of shots on Instagram but didn't share all the good details. 

 I seriously have a ridiculous amount of fun planning these things for the kids.
This is something that I've been doing ever since Nick a toddler,, 10 years! Which is sort of mind-blowing to think about. I know that if we didn't have a Valentine's Day Breakfast, Nick Jr. would probably cry. Okay, maybe no cry..but, let's just say he's pretty spoiled when it comes to Holidays.

I don't go out and buy anything specific for this breakfast, besides maybe some plates and a few cheap dollar store decorations. Seriously, nothing over the top. I just use what I have around to create a fun themed space to eat heart shaped pancakes and drink pink milk. Because I feel like that's just what one is supposed to do on Valentine's Day.

I KIND OF did go a little over the top with this stuffed french toast, but OMG, SO WORTH IT YOU GUYS.

I shared about How We Celebrate with small gifts in my How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Kids post, and the kids woke up to some small little things as our way of saying "I Love You." Obviously, gifts are never necessary but I just love spoiling my babies, What else can I say? 

Nick also got an Itunes gift card because he's just not into stuffed animals or things that say "Love" on them. 

It's a tradition that will hopefully continue for many many more years!

How Did you celebrate the day?! I hope however you spent it, you were doing exactly what you wanted! What do you think about our breakfast? Leave me a comment below and let's chat! Always love hearing from you guys! XO

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  1. What a lovely tradition!

    For many years I have hosted one couple for a Wine & Chocolate Evening on or right around Valentine's Day - depending on what day Love Day falls! I would just make it a bit later in the evening, so the couple could go out and enjoy a nice dinner on their own if they wanted, or a romantic dinner at home. Our home - was for dessert!

    I usually find a nice wine to pair with some sort of chocolate dessert. One year I made a chocolate soufflé, and served a wonderful red zinfandel alongside... it was divine!

    This year I made up chocolate pot de creme' and served them in my candlewick teacups. We used demitasse spoons and I paired it with Cupcake's Red Velvet wine! We also added another couple and started a bit earlier than normal and I had a lovely cheese tray made up with cheeses, sliced apples, nuts, prosciutto, salamis, copicola etc. We had some other nibbles as well. Wine and Prosecco started things off!

    I too used many dollar store items to decorate! It was so much fun! And the six of us talked, laughed and enjoyed much later into the night than we all expected! Since we don't have children, this was a lovely way for us to spend time with our much loved friends!

  2. So festive! I LOVE the pink milk idea! I'm definitely using that next year... that's all our kids drink!

  3. So fun! That French toast looks amazing. I wanted to do a fun breakfast for Mila, but she wanted nothing to do with it. She wanted Cheerios and she wasn't budging. Darn picky toddlers!

  4. This looks like such fun and so adorable!