What's On My Trays- February 2016

One thing that I'm always doing here at TGF, Is moving things around. Seriously. Nothing stays the same. It's a problem. Also, I say "Seriously" A lot. Like. A whole lot. 

I just get so bored of looking at things in the same spot. Most of the time all it takes is moving something from one area to another to make it feel completely different and give it "new" life. You don't have to buy NEW stuff to decorate. One of my favorite things to do is shop my own house when I'm feeling blah or bored with a certain space!

That being said, since I change things up so much, I thought it would be fun to do a monthly "What's On My Tables/Trays" post! A roundup of some of my favorite tables and trays decorated for the month, all in one big ol' post for you to see! 

At the start of February, the house is full of pink and sparkly glittery decor. A lot different then other times of the year, but that's what keeps decorating so fun. At least I think so. 

So this month, things are pretty simple.

Now. Who's ready to take a table tour with me? 

Let's start in the living room, where things probably get switched up the most, however minor the changes are. I rotate 3 different baskets and trays the most right here on this space. Currently, It's displaying one of my latest Rustic Chippy finds in the old spindles. I was so excited to find these, and even more excited with the light gray color. I picked up the greenery and small bucket at Ikea on my most recent trip, and the white candle holders from Joss & Main have been a staple on the table for a solid 8 months! The lantern was a recent Decor Steals find and I love the rustic feel it has to it.
Moving into the Kitchen, I have one of my favorite little Home Goods Trays. Currently it holds my little collection of cutting boards, my favorite rusty scale and my Anthro measuring cups! 

My Farmhouse Tiered Tray is one of my favorite trays EVER! I'm always changing it up! Currently it's still decorated for Valentine's Day, but I'm ready to springify this beauty soon! Some staples that always remain here? My Cow Creamer, and RaeDunn Cream Cup. I typically always just build around those two things.

In my Coke Tray currently is all of our Valentine's Day goodies. I'm not sure what I'll do with this for Spring yet, I love when I get to have this on display. One of my favorite antique finds to date!

The dining room table changes a good amount, recently I had a big olive bucket full of greenery here and I loved it but ended up moving that to my entry way and instead stuck with something simple for the table right now. This tray from Pier 1 is so versatile! I loved it so much, I bought two! The other one I have displayed at my kitchen sink. 

Moving to the entryway, I have some of my favorite finds sitting right here on one of my favorite Chalk Paint projects! I have a major lantern obsession if you haven't picked up on that already! Oh, and I can never pass up a good set of candle sticks. I find the best ones at Home Goods and usually when I have no intention of buying candle sticks. ha!

SO. Now that the little tour is all over with, I'd love for you to share your trays and tables with me! Just use the hashtag #GLAMFARMTABLE on Instagram for a chance to be featured on Insta and my Tray/Table post in March! Let's keep decorating fun and remind ourselves to be creative friends! 

What do you guys think of my current spaces? Let's chat! I always am so excited to hear from you guys!!! XO

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  1. Yeah that Coke tray was quite the fund!!

  2. I just found your blog and adore your style :) Where did you get the big chunky lantern sitting on the aqua dresser?