Farmhouse Kitchen Essentials

I think there are some elements to a space that SCREAMS Farmhouse Kitchen. Breezy white cabinets, rustic knobs, a farmhouse sink. But I don't really have any of those things. Well, Except white cabinets. I'm working on some of the other aspects but for right now, I'm just adding style to my kitchen with products. 

It's a little bit easier to obtain some farmhouse style then you think. With just a few key products, you can be on your way to having a Farmhouse kitchen of you're very own! Pretty exciting right? I know I'm excited! 

The first thing I want to talk about is Clear Glass Gallon Containers. I think these are pretty much a staple in Farmhouse Style right now. I have good news! You can snag these at Wal-Mart for $8 a piece or on Amazon really cheap if you don't feel like venturing out. 

I get asked about the Bread Box a whole lot. 

It's ridiculous how much I could love ONE thing, I know it. But I do. I was so so happy to finally get my hands on one and you can to by clicking that little link above;) 

Of course the Farmhouse Tray is another favorite!
 It adds so much more to a space then I ever really thought a tray could. It has vintage patina and screams Farmhouse Style. I'm so obsessed with decorating this tray for the seasons! It's such a fun element and a simple way to add some Farmhouse Style to a space. Don't you agree? 

And yes, the Rustic Scale. The holy grail if you ask me. 
I just love vintage scales. Scales of all kinds! But this one, this one takes the cake currently. I love decorating it with faux florals or you can just be simple and use candles, or leave it as is! No matter how you style it, it's always fabulous. ALWAYS. It's currently working great in the dining room as a table display! What do ya'll think? 

Boxwood wreaths are like Farmhouse Style GOLD
but again, I totally think they work in so many different spaces in so many different displays.

I'm so in love with them and have at least one in every room. It's probably a problem but whatever. You can't take me away from my wreaths, OKAY?!! Seriously though, they are so great hanging on old windows, on the backs of chairs, hanging on cabinets, you can even be extra crazy and hang them on your front door. I know, who knew, right?! GASP! 

Thankfully there are so many different ways you can add Farmhouse Style to your spaces without doing any major refurbishments. This is also great for Renters out there who can't paint cabinets or add new hardware, you CAN add some Farmhouse Elements without doing any of those things! I hope you are inspired to venture out and get some Farmhouse Goodies for yourself and that (soon to be!) pretty little kitchen of yours! 

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Hope you loves enjoy this beautiful week! 

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  2. What color paint did you use on your walls? I absolutely love it!


  3. oh to have the farmhouse sink. i would die. excellent tips as always laurie!

  4. I love everything! So pretty. But that breadbox is awesome!