Friday Favorites

Typically I write up my Friday Fav posts on Thursday, but last night was.. well, not ideal. Nick got home late, Sav got to bed late and was awake on and off all night long. Then she woke up super early this morning and today I'm just NOT able to get my stuff together to get motivated. 

Okay, I literally feel like I'm blinking and it's Friday again. I mean. I'm not complaining. This week has been GORGEOUS as far as weather goes, and I'm so anxious for Spring to finally arrive!! Although it sort of feels like it's here already. 

I have some REALLY great things to share with you today, or well, I mean things that I think are great. ;) 

Of course, I feel like flowers are becoming a staple for these Friday Favorites posts. The spotlight is on these beauties this week. Roses are perfectly shabby chic if you ask me.
Of course I have to include my favorite (tray) in this weeks post. Because, I mean.. it's a favorite EVERY day, but it deserves a mention. I love styling this babe up with the seasons! It really is so Farmhouse Chic. Have you picked one up yet? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You can get this beauty for 15% off at Shady Oaks Farm using code LAURIE15! Be sure to take a peek at all the goodies in my collection while you're there too. I put together my favs just for you!
Have ya'll been to check out these candles from Antique CandleWorks? I can't even handle how amazing ALL of her candles are! 
I'm so addicted and need like, 80 of these! 

This week was pretty low key as far as decorating goes, for the first time in a long time I didn't move anything. I've been focusing on getting started on Spring Cleaning, you know closet clean-outs and stuff like that. It's not fun, but there's something that feels so good about eliminating clutter! 
Don't you agree?! 

And because you'll probably find out at some point, my Birthday is tomorrow! We're planning to go to a new place to celebrate downtown. I'm not a big city girl but I guess it's okay to venture out of my element once in a blue moon;) Speaking of Birthdays, did ya'll see what I put together for the hubs turning 30 last week?
Since we went to Jamaica to celebrate his birthday we decided to keep things low key but I still wanted to do something for him. I'm a big Birthday lover (just not of mine!) haha and tend to make a big deal over them!

So that's it ya'll! My favs for the week! I'd love to hear what you guys are loving this week! I'll see you next Friday with more of my favorites! Please feel free to shoot me a message if you want to be apart of my Friday Favorites posts! 

Enjoy the weekend! 

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  1. We had a rough Thursday night here too. Mila was up past her bedtime because she came home from school with a fever and we wanted to make sure she was cooled down before putting her to bed. She ended up going to bed an hour late and then woke up an hour early today. Those flower and that tray are gorgeous! Have a fabulous birthday tomorrow!!!

  2. Well happy birthday weekend yeah!? And love the tray you made up for him! Who wouldn't.