Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I'I had no intention of decorating for St. Patrick's Day this year, seriously. NONE. With the two Holidays, St Partick's Day and Easter being so close I figured I would just skip out on one this year. 

But then Target happened.

Damn you, TARGET and you're adorable cheap Dollar Spot goodies inspiring me to be creative and decorate for EVERY SINGLE THING. I'm only pretending to be mad though, because, let's face it. We all love the dollar spot. 

Also, I love This Buffet which I've talked about no less then a thousand (and one) times. This buffet is where all the Holiday fun happens. 

If you've been around for awhile you know just what I'm talking about.

Nick Jr. recently learned from some of our family that he has Irish roots, so now he thinks that I HAVE to decorate for St. Patrick's Day. WHATEVER. 

I dragged the twine wreath in from outside, I think I got it at Wal-Mart for like, $4? Everything else, I shopped the house for. Everything besides the Lucky Sign, The Galvanized Tub(which will double as an Easter Bucket for the hubs!)The shamrock banner and the shamrock pillow. So total, the space cost me about $20 to put together. I ain't mad. 
I'm not hating this space though, but I'm really anxious to break out the Easter stuff and might do so a little earlier so I can, you know..enjoy it? Are you guys leaving up your Easter stuff for a bit?

Now the only thing I have to do is make some lucky charm treats and drink a green cocktail and I'll be good. I might even make a themed meal because, why not, right?

So the St. Pats stuff stays up for two weeks, and then it's time for Easter. I'm ready! 

So I gotta know, do you or did you decorate for St. Patrick's Day this year? If so, I want to see! Just tag me in a picture on Insta or leave me a comment below!
Enjoy the rest of your week, beautiful! XO
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  1. My Target had no St Patty's Day stuff and even most of the Easter things were picked through. And I thought I got there fairly early! Such a bummer - the decorations you found are so cute! I also love the succulent in the moscow mule mug - great idea! I may need to do that myself! :)

  2. Gosh, I wanted to decorate for St. Patty's Day this year, but since Easter was so early I just went straight for the Easter decor. Your decor looks amazing, as always! I loooove the shamrock banner!

  3. I do not decorate for this but I'm not Irish. I made a craft last year themed to this holiday but actually can't remember where it is? Whoops. Easter stuff has been up since the first. And hey! I hear Dollar Tree has succulents!?!?!

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