How To Make Your Cook Top SHINE!

Do you have a cook top stove? Is it hard to clean? Do you have scratch marks and scuffs on it? Well, HEY! I'm going to be your best friend today! (Just play along with me here, okay?) If everything goes well, you'll be inviting me over to your house for a glass, or 8, of wine in appreciation. 

Cleaning a cook top can sometimes be a bit more complicated then just spraying on some Windex over time, especially if you don't wipe it down as often as you should. I clean mine with some Windex every night, but sometimes, it's still a little bit grimy by the end of the week. 

There are a couple of things that excite me these days. Kidless trips to Target, Flowers from the grocery store, WINE..oh, and a clean shiny cook top. Am I weird? Maybe a little.

Okay so first off, don't mind the grainy, not so great photos, because I did this at night once my hubby and kids were off to bed. That's when I really get "in the zone" Are you with me? Raise your hand?! Okay, now put your hand down. ;) 

So are ya'll ready to Clean your Cook top today?! I'll start by showing you mine. 
Let's keep it G rated here guys.. 

This picture alone makes me CRINGE. Seriously. GROSS. 
There is nothing I hate worse then dust and scratch marks and scuffs. So let's get started cleaning this beauty, okay!? Okay!

What you Need:
1. Bowl and Hot soapy water
2. Baking Soda
3. A Cleaning Rag

Fill a bowl with HOT tap water and submerge the rag in the bowl
Apply Baking Soda in a generous amount over the Stovetop
Squeeze the excess water from the rag and lay the rag over the Stovetop(you want it wet.. but not sopping!)
Then wait about 15 minutes or so. 
When the time is up swirl the rag in circles using the Baking Soda as a scrub.
If things are looking really bad, let the rag sit a bit longer so it can really loosen up that grime and shine up those scuff marks.

To finish things off, shine it up with a paper towel and some windex!

I told you guys Baking Soda was my best friend and I wasn't lying. I seriously use it in SO many ways! Have you seen how you can use it to remove odors from carpets? Check out the post here! 

I hope ya'll have a great rest of the week! I'll be here next week as promised with a new cleaning tip and trick! Is it weird I'm sort of excited for Spring Cleaning?! Shoot me now. 

How do you guys clean your Cook Tops? I'd love to know! Leave me a comment below or shoot me a message on Instagram. Always LOVE to hear from you guys! 

 photo glam-sig_zpszarat6ml.png


  1. Baking soda and vinegar is even better! The baking soda bubbles up from the vinegar and eats away the tough grime. I use baking soda and water though when I don't have vinegar on hand!

    1. I also read somewhere you can use the same technique on the inside of the oven on the glass window-just make sure it doesn't get too watery becuase it will run through the crack where the glass window and metal door meet:)

  2. GIRL - this is incredible! Is there anything that baking soda can't do?! And if you think your before picture is bad, you should see our current situation. It is NOT pretty. I'm doing this tonight. Thank you!

  3. We have gas but I bet this would work on that just as well!!!


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