How To Style A Farmhouse Tray

TRAY LOVE. It's real ya'll. I know because I have a tray that I'm in love with. 

I have a tray obsession. Almost as bad as my pillow and throw blanket obsession but we're not quite there just yet, but will be soon I'm sure. 

Today, my FAVORITE tray is BACK IN STOCK at one of my most favorite stores, ever. You can find it here, I love this tray so much in fact, that I decided to create a blog post about it. Crazy? Maybe. But we all know I'm not normal so just hang out with me for a minute, okay? 

Trays are fun, and they can be styled in so many ways and used in so many spaces. I have a tray in my bedroom, where I keep all my perfumes, lotions etc. I have one in the bathroom, where I keep extra soaps, hand towels and some pretty smelling candles. I have one in my living room, and one in my kitchen. Obviously.
The one in my kitchen gets changed up the most. I change it with the seasons and have so much fun doing so. 

You don't have to spend a ton of money to switch it up either. 

Just get yourself some basics. I stick with my Rae Dunn Cream Cup and a small boxwood plant, my favorite blue jar and often times, the cow sticks around too. I'll change it up for the new seasons just by switching the tea towel, or a few small things like adding lemons for Spring/Summer, Hearts for Valentine's Day or Pumpkins for fall. 

Just check out some of the ways I've used this tray in the past.

Tray Styling is real easy if you don't over think it and just stick to the basics. Promise! 
So if you want to add some instant farmhouse style to your space, this is the tray to get! I promise you'll love it as much as I love mine! And probably find yourself having a ton of fun decorating it too!

Do ya'll have a favorite tray you love to decorate? Or do you have this one already? Let me know your thoughts on tray styling below! 

Be sure to check out The Glam Farmhouse Collection at Shady Oaks Farm! It's all my favorite things in one spot! Also, I'd love to have you follow along on Google+ and Instagram if you don't already!
Have a great day! 

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  1. Oh how I love my galvanized tray! I've been enjoying decorating for each season like you said it's not that hard! Changing the tea towels is the easiest way for sure to get that pop. I think fall was my favorite though. Okay and Christmas!!!

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