How To Take Care Of A Fiddle Leaf Tree

Hey guys!!

I searched high and low for a few months before I finally found a fiddle leaf tree. Yes, they are all over Pinterest and pretty much the IT thing in plant world as far as interior design goes. I'm sure it will be something else different in a few months. 

I'm normally not a plant person, all. Not even a little bit. But there was something I really liked about this little plant. I think you need fresh greenery in a space. Or, maybe it doesn't even have to be real. Just greenery of any kind will do. But fake ones are super expensive and I wanted a real one. Sort of like a mini challenge for me, to actually keep something alive. I mean, thankfully the kids are still here but..not really because of anything I've done on my part! ha!

Anyway, my Dad is like Mr. Plant King. Totally just made that up, but it's so true. He can literally bring anything back to life, so obviously I consulted him about my new addition. He answered all my questions and gave me all sorts of tips on keeping this thing alive. I got this beauty in September and although we've had to say goodbye to some brown leaves, it's been doing okay. Especially considering it's winter. 

That's one of the things you should know about a fiddle. It's a tropical plant. So of course it enjoys heat and humidity. But doesn't really do well in direct sun. Ironic, right? 

So I'm going to give you a few easy and simple tips on ways to keep your fiddle tree alive. I am by no means an expert, but these are just some things I've been doing and guess what! It's still here! 

1. It's a tropical plant. 

Yes, I know I just mentioned that, but I mean it. It loves humidity and heat. So make sure it's in a spot that stays warm pretty much all the time. 

2. Fiddle's are sort of OCD.

I mean, they like things to be a certain way, at a certain time. I water ours every Wednesday and Sunday mornings like clock work. Always 1 cup. Yes. One Cup of water every Wednesday and Sunday. If it feels extra dry, I'll go ahead an do a 1/2 cup, but I never saturate it. The top inch of soil sound always feel wet to the touch. Also, they love consistency, so make sure you don't skip a day, if I forget to water it on Sunday, I notice it looks a little sad Monday morning. 
In this picture, things are looking a little sad and droopy, that's because I moved it. :( 

Which brings me to my next subject..


I'm serious. Just don't do it! I had mine in one spot for a month and decided to move it, it almost didn't adjust and we almost couldn't save it. Droopy leaves, Brown Leaves. Sad leaves. Thankfully my dad gave it some plant food and it survived and made it through the struggle. I haven't moved it since.

If you notice the leaves a droopy, it needs water. Just a half cup should do. 

4. Morning Sun.

MORNING SUN. ONLY MORNING SUN PEOPLE. And the light should be indirect sunlight (meaning from a window) This also means that you might not be able to put it in the spot you originally pictured, but if you want it to stay alive and actually grow then I suggest keeping it in a spot that consistently gets morning sun and at least 4 solid hours.

5. Dusty Leaves

I didn't even realize that a real plant would get dusty.. but it's amazing how much dust this thing actually attracts! Thankfully the fix is simple. I just use a clean dry rag or paper towel and lightly mist the leaves with water and then wipe them down gently. The leaves are shiny and clean and that means I have a happy little tree!

QUICK TIP: If the leaves are looking a little droopy and sad, just use 1/4 tablespoon of Dawn Dish Liquid mixed with one cup of water to perk it up! The Dish Soap helps the plant soak up the water, this is really great if you forget to water it for a few days and it's feeling especially dry! Also, make sure the top inch of soil is wet! It shouldn't feel saturated but you should always be able to feel it and tell if it's spongy like, or dry.

Let's see how long I can keep this beauty alive! Wish me LUCK!;)

Do you have a fiddle leaf tree? Do you want one? Do you have any tips or suggestions on caring for them? I'd love to hear them! Just leave me a comment below or lets chat on Instagram! I always love and look forward to hearing from you guys! 


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  1. I remember when Ficus tree's were the IT thing to have and I have noticed these little guys lately in everyone's IG feeds. They seem a lot like Ficus tree's. They are temperamental too and when you would move them they would drop thier leaves! LOL! Anyway, yours looks good and I will enjoy everyone else's, because as much as I would love to have one.....I do not have a green thumb to save my life. I can grow succulents because I live in the Central Valley of California and they love it here. But that is about it! Will have to price the artificial ones. Ironically enough, thank goodness my girls grew to be fine young adult women! Can't grow plants but I also do well with kids!

  2. I've had mine a month or two. I love her. She even got two new leaves under my care!! I love that dawn tip! Who knew!?