Mom 'n Tot Box Review

Oh HEY! Are you a momma to one, or many, toddlers? Do you love discovering new products? Do you wish that sometimes, someone out there would maybe think of YOU instead of just said toddlers when putting together a box of goodies? 

Let's be honest, there are so many subscription boxes out there right now. I've tried several. But there is something that makes (Mom & Tot Box) a little different, not only do they provide goodies for your trendy toddlers, but they include goodies for us mommas too. And this friends, makes me want to cry. Happy tears of joy of course.

So I teamed up with Mom & Tot Box to give you guys a glimpse of all the goodies this awesome box has to offer. I know you'll just love it as much as I do. 

We got our box on a Sunny Tuesday afternoon. I couldn't wait to open it and discover the goodies inside! Sav loves to get goodies in the mail so she was really excited about this! 

When we opened it up I was impressed with the packaging. It was so well put together. I really love these boxes that give us information about the products inside. 

I have to say, I was really impressed with all the different products and selections in this box. Very well put together and thought out..
Sav of course, couldn't wait to start discovering. She dug right on in!
So here she is, dirty face and all, because realness is what we're all about folks, Oh, and the fact that my legs are really sore from my workout and I didn't feel like getting up to wipe her face. JUDGE ME.

One of the favorites from the box for sure was this dry erase coloring sheet. Savanna is obsessed with "Funny Rabbits (bunny rabbits)" lately, and she's already colored and re-colored this a thousand times. This would be SO cute in an Easter basket too! Wishing I had put it back for that purpose.
One of MY favorite things from the box (besides the Vanilla Mint Lip Balm!) Is this mix and match game! I'm planning to put this in our "on the go" bag. I figured it would be the perfect game to entertain Savanna at a restaurant or anywhere, really. 
Another cute wooden game! Savanna is really into puzzles right now, and she really likes this. 
Overall, I am REALLY impressed by this box! 
I loved the quality and the uniqueness of the items. I also, really enjoyed the products they sent for mama. The Vanilla Mint Lip Balm is my newest obsession!

Why don't you give Mom & Tot box a try?! You can Sign Up Here!
Have you tried a subscription box in the past? Tell me about it! Leave a comment below or shoot me a message on Instagram!
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  1. I have seen so many of these subscription boxes but I've never given any a try.... Is there a wine one!? Lol