The BEST Neutral Paint Colors

Oh, goodness. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that I'd be able to go on lots of trips to Jamaica. I guess this post is just one that needs to be done. 

What Color Is That?! 

I will finally answer the question I get asked at least 100 times a day, right here, on this post. I currently have 5 colors in our home. When we were remodeling I knew I wanted things to feel light and airy without feeling cold. We painted our dining room walls 3 different colors before I finally decided on the perfect gray. Not too cold, and not too warm. It's not too dark and looks pretty in the daylight. Never looks dingy or dirty. 

In the living room and kitchen accents, I have a soft griege color.
 Is "griege" a word?
 I'm claiming it. 

Again, I thought real long and hard about this one. I wanted something a little brighter then on the main floors downstairs but still wanted to stay with the theme of grays and the same color palette. 

One of the colors I get asked about a ton, is this one called Wheat Bread by Behr. It's the color in my living room, and on my accent wall in the entryway. This is also the color we went with in our upstairs bathroom. It's just the perfect color, it's not too tan and not too gray. Not too cool and not too warm, blends really well with all decor. I highly suggest this for main living areas.

Moving on to the dining room and kitchen. I went with this color. I wanted something a little bit darker then what we went with in the main living areas. It's called Wood Smoke and we used Valspar brand paint. It's really soft. It is a nice contrast against the white cabinets and darker wood table. 

I just recently painted Savanna's room in white cloud by Benjamin Moore and I am obsessed. SERIOUSLY. Debating just painting everything white and be done with it. I do like a mix up of colors though, but white is definitely a go in bathrooms and laundry rooms! It really brightened up Savs room! It made it feel and look bigger and brighter. Which is good because it's small space. 

When deciding on paint colors for your own spaces, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

#1. Lighting- Make note of the lighting in your home or room where you plan to paint. Paint colors often look different under different lighting. Make sure you are okay with the way a color looks in bright daylight, dim daylight and at night. You'll be surprised how much you may hate the way it looks at night.

#2. Your Furniture- Keep note of your style and what color your furniture is, Thankfully. Gray's work with almost any style. I find though, that I like a mixture of whites and darker toned woods in gray rooms. Having black furniture or all dark furniture can make a space feel dark and closed in. There is something so crisp and clean about white against gray!

What do you guys think about this soft gray color palette? Do you think it compliments the white? Leave a comment below! You know I love to hear from you guys! 

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  1. Griege is totally a word in my book. One of the paint colors we picked when building our house was "Mega Griege" so it works for me!

  2. I'm loving light and airy. But I also really like color sooooo. Good thing I have plenty of rooms so I can have the best of both worlds!!!

  3. Can you tell me the color-ish of that adorable desk?! I struggle with finding the right blue or "duck egg blue" and I love that.

  4. Which 2 paint colors made those stripes in the entry way and did u post a how to on your site on how to create the stripes?