5 Favorite Farmhouse Trays

I have an obsession with lots of things. Vintage Things, Rustic Things, Chippy Things. Pillows, Blankets, Lanterns.. okay. You get it. But one of my favorite things?



I can never pass up on a good one. Nope. Never. I know some of you can relate. Or at least I hope so because that's what I tell Nick when he says "Do you REALLY need another tray?" (or throw pillow, or lantern, or blanket, or basket..or..well. You get the idea.)

I get asked about my trays a lot, especially on Instagram. So I figured I would just put my favorite trays together in a post so I can just direct you guys here when you ask about my trays, or where to find them. 

There are lots of great shops online to find trays if you don't have luck at places like Home Goods and Tuesday Morning. Antique stores, yard sales and flea markets are a great place to find old chippy galvanized trays too. I often order my trays online though just because the selection is awesome and I can find exactly what I'm looking for. Or sometimes, find something I don't even know I'm looking for. Insert REALLY obvious *wink* emoji, here. ;) 

So here are some trays I'm loving at the moment, all for different reasons. And don't limit your trays to just displaying stuff in your kitchens or dining rooms. I use trays in my bedroom, bathrooms, kids rooms, basically everywhere. Not only are trays cute, but they are super functional too. 

Check out my favs with the reasons why I love them below!
I love the shape of this one, It would be perfect for displaying hand towels and other essentials in a bathroom or guest bath. 
MY favorite tray, obviously. This is the one I always post about. By far my favorite. Hands down. I style mine up for the seasons with some of my favorite kitchen decor items.
Perfect for buffets and styling mugs and coffee stations! Lots of space for organizing and display.
This large rustic style tray is one of my favorites! I love to see it styled up for living room displays, or with several candle sticks on a dining room table for a big impact and farmhouse effect.
THE PERFECT Kitchen Tray! I love the vintage goodness of this one. Perfect for storing and displaying snacks (bags of chips) etc on a kitchen counter or in a pantry for easy access. 

Which tray is your favorite?! I'm thinking I need one (or two) of each! 
Thank you guys for stopping by today. I always appreciate your comments, they each mean so much to me, truly! 

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Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love all of these! I really need to get some cute trays for our kitchen. Our kitchen is so blah. I love your decor so I think I may need to make some new purchases soon!

  2. I need a tiered tray so bad! Hobby Lobby had one the other day that was gorgeous, but I refrained since I had just spent a bazillion dollars on other stuff! Ha!

  3. You know I love my tiered tray from SAMs! And I get so many compliments on it. It's my favorite.

  4. I love the second one as well. You always style it so perfectly on IG. I have been swooning over it for a while! Just wish it was a little cheaper. Maybe for my birthday! ๐Ÿ˜‚They're all beautiful and thank you for sharing the links.