A Day in the FIT life

Are you a picky and plain eater? Do you want to be healthy, but don't really dig "healthy" foods? Well, then. Stick around and read my post today. Because I'm about to show you, What a day of clean eating looks like for the picky eater. 

The truth is, it's not easy to eat healthy, and I'm not really organized enough to pre-plan and pack meals way in advance. I know. This is really not good because that's one of the big parts of success when it comes to getting healthy, and creating better habits. BUT it's just not me. 

I do plan my meals and snacks in advance, I sit down on Sunday and make a rough list of my eating plan for the week, I also make a grocery list so that I'm all prepared to do our grocery shopping on Monday. 

Monday starts with me waking up and drinking a ice cold glass of water with a little bit of lemon juice. I used to hate water, but as of late. I crave it. Weird? Maybe. It's so refreshing and gives me so much energy in the morning. More so then coffee or tea has ever done in the past. You can add so many different things to water to make it a bit more tasty. My favorite combination by far? Pineapple and Mint. I just put some frozen Pineapple cubes in my water and let it "diffuse", the result is a mild tasting flavor that makes drinking water a little more fun. 

I feed Sav whatever I'm eating that day too. So, on Monday, we both had some strawberries, a hard boiled egg and a whole wheat english muffin with a banana. 

Around 10-11am (and after my morning workout!) we're both ready for a small snack. Today we choose carrots and some yummy greek yogurt ranch dip that I found in the veggie section of the grocery store! [1 green container is equal to 10 baby carrots.]

Before we head out to get Nick from school, and after our afternoon chores, I drink some ShakeO to curb my cravings and give me energy, Sav loves smoothies too so I'll usually just throw some frozen bananas and strawberries with some almond milk in the blender after I'm done mixing up my ShakeO. 

By the time we're done picking up Nick from school, Sav is wanting another little snack. I typically do a cheese stick and some grapes or an apple or some yogurt with frozen raspberries or similar. 

I admit that this is the worst time of day for me, I usually want chips, or snack cakes.. because Nick is opening and closing all the cabinet doors and raiding our fridge for food. I'm persistent though, so I stick to my guns and don't give in to my cravings. Thankfully, since I've started the ShakeO it really helps curb my cravings for sweets and salty foods! 

By the time dinner rolls around between 6-7 we're all pretty hungry. (WELL, except for Nick because he's literally eaten everything in the house at this point.) 

And we'll eat something healthy for dinner, I refuse to make different meals for everyone, so pretty much, the whole family is eating what I'm eating. Tonight? It's baked yogurt chicken and I promise it is SO YUMMY. 

Sometimes, I'm still craving something sweet at the end of the day, and I always crave these little chocolate covered bananas and pineapple bites! I know they aren't super healthy but, I don't want to ignore my cravings and then completely lose it the following day. 

Tomorrow, I'll repeat the routine and remind myself that you don't get the ass you want by sitting on it (no, seriously!) ha! and that this whole clean eating thing will be really beneficial to all of us in the end! I promise, it's not so bad. It's amazing how much I really DON'T crave so many things that I used to want ALL the time! The eating part has been super easy. The workout part is brutal. Especially because my muscles have been so sore after my workouts. But I just remind myself that we all start somewhere. Right now it's the workout but someday, it will be the warm up! 

Are any of you working out and trying to eat better? Or just wanting to clean up your eating? Come follow me GlamFarmhouse on SnapChat to see more of what I'm eating daily and how I'm working on sticking to my goals! I'd love to have you hang out!

Hope you beauties are having a great week!

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  1. Planning ahead is the way to go. And for me personally having the food in the house is bad news. If Matt gets chips you better believe I'll snag one or two.

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