Friday Favorites


Oh my gosh, haha I totally feel like a Disney movie right now. Major props to you if you know what movie that's from ;) Okay so let's get to business, it's Friday and ya'll know what that means, right? Time for another Friday Favorites post! 

I really love these posts because I'm always nosy and want to hear all about what people are diggin' lately. I try to stick to mostly Home Decor things but sometimes venture out into other worlds. Like, you know. Makeup and Clothes. 

So let's get started!

I am TOTES diggin' all the pretty things offered by Amici Home, I MEAN. Let's just talk about this adorable canister? It's blue and white and full of farmhouse goodness. Don't you think? You can find this and it's matching friends, in the Dixie Collection on the website I linked too above. Sometimes, you get lucky, and Home Goods has the hookup. 
All the freaking heart eyes for this AH-MAY-ZING Sage Wreath. Like, I'm seriously sitting here trying to justify ANOTHER wreath. I'm thinking about remodeling a room just so I can buy this one and display it. Make no mistake, I'll have one in my house soon. SOON.
Gorg right? I can't. UGH.
Moving on, let's chat about Tobacco Baskets and where I FINALLY got my hands on some. If you think you don't need them, UM. You totally DO. Like, you needed them yesterday. I'm so obsessed with mine.
And OBVIOUSLY WHAT Friday Favorites post would be complete without flowers? Say what you want about white tulips, but I just think they are so pretty and simple. Sort of like Farmhouse Style. So that's why whenever I manage to snag them up at the grocery store I take 753 pictures to document and have on hand. Just wait until Peony season. Ya'll are really gunna hate me then.

I was so excited to stumble upon this super awesome, and dummy proof highlighter to use at Sephora, look I'm not a makeup artist but love me some good makeup, or cheap makeup. Whatever. I'm not picky. I just love it. And I'm in LOVE with this highlighter. It's seriously SO so easy and I know it's going to be such a gem when summer FINALLY gets here. 

Also, thinking that perhaps I should mention that we're going to a little concert tonight. Not a big deal. Just some guy named Luke Bryan? Okay. So, I've been to see him 4 times and each time is better then the last and I'm always like such a giddy teenager preparing for them. Regardless of the weather this weekend I know it's sure to be a good one! I wish I could take ALL of you with me! Are you following along on SnapCHAT? I'm sure I'll share way too many inappropriate things if ya'll wanna come hang out for a little bit! I'm @GlamFARMHOUSE on there! I'd love to have you stop by! 

I hope you have the BEST weekend and spend it doing something you want to do! I'm counting down the days until SUMMER over here! ;) How about you? 

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  1. Hope you had fun at the concert!!!

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