How To Keep Your House Smelling Clean

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It's that time of year friends, the time of year when we're all throwing out our old clothes, making spring cleaning checklists, Shampooing our carpets and working on new house projects we've been holding off on during those cold (ridiculously LONG) Winter months.

Do you wonder what your home smells like to other people? This is something I seriously stress myself to death over. I'm the momma of 3 pups, a teenage son, a messy husband and a pretty careless toddler. SO. I'm constantly burning candles, spraying disinfectant sprays and wondering if my house smells "clean". I mean, it doesn't have to actually BE clean, but I want it to at least smell like it, ya know? ;)

So today, I wanna talk about different ways I keep my home smelling clean and fresh with all of the different aspects I have working against me (like my 13 year old's feet, blahhh). In particular, the living room, because well, that's where we are a lot. And because it's carpet, we have to work a little harder in here to make sure things don't get stinky.  
One of my seriously favorite things is candles, I'm literally burning a candle 99% of the time. I have them everywhere. To the point where at night, I feel like I'm hosting a Wiccan ritual when I'm blowing all of them out. No. Seriously. But let's face it, candles just MASK the odor, they don't really get RID of it.

And this is where my lifesaver, my holy grail, my saving grace, my..well, you get the idea, right? Comes in. And the good news is, it doesn't cost a ton, ELIMINATES odors and kills 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air.

TOTAL win for everyone. 
Yes friends, Lysol Disinfectant Spray is my favorite thing. It only takes a little bit to get things smelling fresh and clean again. And one can literally lasts me FOREVER, not forever but well, long enough. You can check out some other odor busting Lysol supplies via this little link here

And since I know ya'll love Target as much as me, you can get 10% off all Lysol products from 3/27-5/14! 

Check out more info here. Even better? If you buy THREE Lysol Products at Target, you get one FREE! (valid 3/27-5/16.) So you can stock up!

Moving on, When candles and sprays don't cut it, the easiest and easy maintenance thing to use is the Air Wick® Scented Oil Warmers just plug that baby in, and forgetta bout it! 
Plus with so many scents to chose from you're sure to find a scent that appeals to you. Check them out here. My current fav is the coconut (pictured) it totally reminds me of the beach and summer, but in a subtle way. Good thing Target is hooking us up with a deal for these too. You'll get 5% off all Air Wick purchases via the Cartwheel App from 3/27-5/14! 
Let's play SPOT the oil warmer? It's really discreet which is key for me, I want my house to smell good, but I don't want people to KNOW what I'm using to make it smell good. Sneaky, Sneaky. That's me. (Not really, but let's pretend.) 
I'm obviously really obsessed with scents because I've posted a few different cleaning tips in the past, You can check out How To Keep Your CARPETS Smelling Clean here. You can also find out more great information about the goodies I posted today by visiting this Spring Into Clean page! 

So tell me, How are you preparing your house for Spring? What oil scent if your favorite? Share it with me in a comment below or let's connect on Instagram, and are you following along on Snapchat? I'm @GlamFarmhouse there too! Would love to have you join the fun! Have a great week! XO

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  1. After our latest stomach bug thing I sprayed Lysol EVERYWHERE. Kill all the germs!

  2. We heart Lysol, too! It's my go-to for germ-killing!

  3. I also did this and even I bought a small air purifier which is available on bath and body. When I plugged it, the smell comes out and it covers the whole house.