3 BIG IMPACT kitchen updates for less then $50!

Lots of times, Owning a fixer upper, I've discovered projects you don't think will cost a ton of money end up costing way more then expected. And being a lot more work then we think.
Thankfully, I'm not here to talk about those things today! Nope. I'm hear to chat about 3 little updates you can make in your kitchen that will make a BIG impact. I'm all about big impact with little effort..and little cash. 

So I was really excited to put this post together for you, to show you that you don't have to spend a ton of money to make some updates! I know sometimes this social media world can be intimidating, and I'm not here to make things harder then they need to be;)

All of these things cost $50 or less and will INSTANTLY make an impact in your kitchen (and other spaces!) 

The first thing you can do to update your kitchen on a budget is to update your...


Something that's so often overlooked but can make things look so much more put together. I was amazed at the before and after. Seriously. I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but just update ONE. JUST ONE of your outlet covers and check the difference. It will make a room instantly look a little more put together. 

The good news is, you can buy outlet covers for less then $3 each if you shop them right. I've looked at Home Depot, Lowes and stores like that, and was surprised to find the cheapest ones at Wal-Mart and they are still the same quality as the more expensive ones. You can also check some sellers on Amazon to get a great deal on a multi pack. 

Total Cost- $25

Update Number 2:

I blogged about this about a month ago. The change is really amazing. Again, you'd be surprised at how little you have to spend to make a big impact in a space. Who knew, huh? I got my fixtures on AMAZON for less then $40 for all of them! Such a cheap and simple update. And the pictures, well, they speak for themselves. Don't you agree?

Total Cost- $40

Update Number 3:

Window Treatments

If you don't have windows in your kitchen then you can create a make shift focal point by hanging a wreath and a vintage window above your sink or in a similar space. Thankfully, I have a real window! I don't think a lot of people take a lot of time decorating around their kitchen sinks, but the way I see it..I spend a lot of time here, cooking, washing dishes and foods for my family. So I wanted it to be a pretty space. 

As pretty as a kitchen sink could be at the very least. 

I bought these bamboo blinds at Home Depot and hung the curtain rod because I knew I wanted to hang a pretty wreath or boxwood. The blinds were $40! You can find similar here and for less money. And they are worth every penny! So easy to care for. I just wipe them down occasionally (probably not as much as I should.) With a wet cloth and they are all good again. These are the same blinds I also have in my dining room and they are my FAVORITE. 

Total Cost-$50

You can literally do any of these things, in a day or less! 

What do you guys think of these cheap and easy updates? Have you done any or are you planning to do any of these things? I'd love to hear about it! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and SnapChat: @glamfarmhouse! I love to hear your sweet thoughts and comments! They mean so much to me truly! 

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  1. Awesome, changing the outlet covers is a GREAT idea! My white/yellow outlet covers need to go!

  2. And way easier than say.... Painting all your cabinets. ;)

  3. I love these suggestions! Until I can get my new countertop and backsplash,it gives me something to change...on the cheap😀

  4. My kitchen could definitely use an update (wish I could replace the cabinetry :) )...so, I think these little updates will be great! I will definitely replace the outlet covers very soon. Thanks so much for the post!