Fixer Upper Style Bedroom Inspiration

Yes, yes. The rumors are true. I'm itching for a change and one of the changes I want to make, is in my master bedroom. While I've always loved my deep purple walls, and silver accents, I feel like it's just something I've outgrown. My style has changed. When this happens it's always hard, because Nick doesn't understand my urges and desire to change things. Especially when something is "okay" as it is. 

So kill me, okay.

Here are some items I've been eyeing up for some inspiration for the new bedroom! I'd love to hear what ya'll think!

1.// Black Arched Mirror: love these mirrors!! I'm wanting 2 to create symmetry on each side of our bed. I think the black will look great with our tan headboard. 
2.//Chunky White Lamps: Love the texture of these gorgeous lamps!! The pretty white color with neutral grey lampshades are equally gorgeous, don't you agree?!
3.// Magnolia Wreath: Just because, okay. 
4.//Scallop Table: Yes, these were seen on Fixer Upper and YES. They are fabulous. I've been crushing on them for months and can't wait to make us of them in this new space! 
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I'm thinking of Wood Smoke Gray walls or even something more neutral, like cream. We will see where the drawing board takes us! I can't wait to share the journey with you guys!! 

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  1. Hi Laurie I like the purple on your walls what brand and what is the name of the color?

  2. Seems very fresh and airy, cute touches. I like your picks

  3. God I do feel like I want to remove all dark or bold colors in the house and go more neutral. Heaven help me!!