How To Create Pretty Vignettes

One thing I get asked a lot is, "How do you create vignettes and group together items?". It never really even occurred to me before that I do tend to group items together. A couple of years ago, I started picking up my momma's old Country Living and decor magazines. This was way before I even had a house to decorate or knew the smallest thing about home decor, and I read some advice that has truly stuck with me to this very day.

The article talked about grouping items into groupings of 3. So say, you have a set of books, some candlesticks and a boxwood.. the books are one grouping, the candles another grouping, and the boxwood another grouping. So to this day when I'm decorating I try to stick with that general idea, however, I do tend to group more items together, as long as you stick with even numbers, you should find most things to be more visually appealing. 

Stick with these general guidelines:

It's always good when decorating a coffee table or other table to have a "base" for instance, something to group items together in, like a basket, or tray, crate.. anything you choose! I've used tobacco baskets, tulip crates, baskets and dough bowls as my base before.

1. Something to add height -
(ie: Candle Sticks, Tall Boxwoods, Pillar Holders, Cotton Stems in a vase etc.)
2. Something to add depth - or point of interest. 
(Old books, Flowers, A clock etc.)
3. Something to add texture - 
(Woven Place mats, Table Runners, etc.)

If you notice on almost every single table, I have a table runner, or charger, woven place mat etc. This is because in general I believe layering is important with decorating and I tend to do it often, Just as grouping does, Layering allows you to create a cozier look. 

I've put together some of my favorite items to help you get started with creating your own little vignettes! 
1. // Rustic Tray- BASE
2. // Aqua Clock- Point of Interest
3. //Terra Cotta Vase- To add height
4. //Sage Bush - Point of Interest
5. //Tobacco Baskets - BASE

I hope you all leave inspired and ready to create some pretty vignettes of your own!! It's something that should be fun, and even I've failed several times at grouping items together so don't get discouraged, if something doesn't look right, then move things around until they do! 

Let's chat soon!
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  1. Excellent pointers! Rule of threes is a thing!

  2. Great tips! I'll definitely be using them for my coffee table decor

  3. Love these tips! And that basket of tulips is drool-worthy! Just gorgeous!

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