Tablescape Tips & Summer Entertaining

It's a well known fact that here at The Glam Farmhouse we entertain.

A lot. 

So when I stumble across a fun new product to try I get sort of excited! Especially when its something that could make things easier for me when it comes to preparing fun meals and food.

I've been learning to cook on the grill and lemme tell ya, it ain't as easy as it looks. I mean, it's not hard by any means, but it can be a little time consuming, it could also be relaxing so, I guess it just depends on my mood;) 

Today I'm using the new KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub, and making a yummy sweet honey BBQ sauce! It will BLOW YOUR MIND, how easy this is! 

It's literally as easy as 1, 2 & 3. Just dump your mix in a bowl, pour in your liquid (I used Coca-Cola®) and mix it all up to create a yummy sauce. Their are several different combinations on the back of the box to get you started!
The possibility is seriously endless with the creations you can make! (PS. don't mind my weird alien hands in the picture)

A tip when grilling chicken wings or chicken in general, cook on the opposite side of the fire and brush oil on the grates so that the chicken doesn't stick. I cooked mine about 2 minutes per side, for a total of 15 minutes. 
Now is also the time I'm going to tell you I really suck at tablescapes. 
I'm just not good at them. 
But I love to put them together occasionally, and it feels especially fancy when the whole family sits down outside around a well dressed table. Nick even asked me if we were celebrating something! HA. 
Just life babe, we're just celebrating life.
Here are some things I learned about creating fun tablescapes and the basics you need for creating them.

1. Some good placemats, I like texture. I found these at where else but Home Goods. Sometimes it's hard to find more then one or 2, it actually took me a couple of months to find 4. So don't get bummed if you can't find them all at once. 
You can always mix up with chargers too. 
2. You always want a good tray that makes it easy to transport food and drinks from inside and outside the house. This one was actually under $10 at Wal-Mart.
3.DON'T USE GLASS or breakable china, my wine cups and plates are made of a really thick plastic (also from Home Goods) They are really sturdy and feel like real plates, but they aren't breakable (I mean maybe they are, but you'd have a tough time breaking them) 
4. Some fresh flowers always make things feel extra fancy and special. They can instantly dress up and otherwise boring space. I snagged mine at my local grocery store but I've been known to cut some peonies from the yard and stick them in mason jars a couple of times. 
5. Summer Entertaining should be fun and never stressful! I always make a meal plan before we have a big event, I don't like to try new recipes when I know we're having company because so many things could go wrong! So sticking with the basics, like chicken wings, duh. Keeps everyone happy and keeps me sane. #winning!

It's really not hard. Promise.

Do ya'll like to create tablescapes? What's your favorite summer entertaining recipe? I'd love to hear from you guys! Leave a comment below or let's chat on Insta! I LOVE to hear from ya'll!!! Each and every comment means so much! 
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  1. Hi Laurie! I just discovered your blog & love your writing & your tips. Thanks for sharing all your secrets with your followers for finding decor that doesn't break the bank... EVERYONE loves a bargain! I wanted to let everyone know that I scored those same woven placemats at Ikea the other day for $4 each (I've seen them for as much as $20 each elsewhere)! Thanks for your blog, your lovely photos, & for your sweet spirit. I look forward to reading more! <3 XOXO @southernsoirees on Instagram

  2. God I don't grill. Brave girl!