Farmhouse Style Kitchen Essentials

Happy Monday!!! I really hope ya'll had a great weekend! I know we did! We've been busy working on several house projects, none of which are ready to be shared yet. So I figured today I'd touch base on a question, or well, subject I get asked about a lot and that's about my kitchen! As most of you know, our kitchen was in pretty rough shape when we purchased our fixer upper, but we've had tons of fun making it our own. That being said, you don't need to do a complete overhaul on your kitchen to add farmhouse style, sometimes it's as simple as adding one or two simple things!

Today I'm sharing some of my FAVORITE farmhouse kitchen finds! These are items you can buy that will instantly give your kitchen some farmhouse charm. No open shelving, subway tile, or farmhouse sink required. Because, let's face it, some of us don't have any of those things! 

As you can see I was able to FINALLY put a list of items together with links to some of the things I get asked about a ton, like the bread box, tray, cake stand, etc. this makes me incredibly happy because it's easier to direct people to a blog post then it is to list every single source ALL OF THE TIME. While I don't mind, sometimes I miss a comment and then feel like a jerk for not responding. Please know that I'm reading every single comment and appreciate all of you so much for them! You guys are seriously the best! 

You don't have to live in an actual farmhouse to decorate like you do! Any of these items will add instant charm to your spaces!

Do you have any of these items already? What are some other items you think are essential to farmhouse decorating? Leave me a comment below and let's chat! Always get excited to hear from you guys! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, and Facebook!
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  1. Oh how I love this list! My tray is my absolute favorite!

  2. That galvanized bucket is gorgeous! I'm loving all things metal right now!

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  4. Hi Laurie, thanks for your post. I've just realized that my kitchen is missing some of your recommended kitchen essentials. I think the lacking ones are super useful so I'll have to buy them whenever I can. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!. Joseph P.

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