How To Make Hydrangeas Last Longer!

Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers, and so are tulips. And sunflowers. And roses..and well just about every flower. But seriously I do love Hydrangeas. So that's why when I discovered this little "tip" I was so excited to share! Funny (and sorta lame) how things like this get me excited, right? UGHHH. Anyway. I've shared this on Instagram and SnapChat a few times, but just realized I've never blogged it? I'm such a weirdo, I've meant to sit down and share a few times but it's literally so easy I never thought to make a post about it. I'm sharing anyway just so I can reference ya'll when you ask! 

It's so funny when you discover the simplest things and they make your life so much easier. I mean, keeping Hydrangeas alive longer might not be important to you, but it's pretty important to me. No judgement here, alright? 

Anyway, I picked up my most recent batch of my favorite flowers at the grocery store for $8. Seriously, this is $8 spent that seriously makes me so happy. The thing about them though, is that they can be so darn temperamental. The smallest things and they wilt and die. This little "trick" will actually keep them alive for up to 2 weeks! Sometimes longer! 

I'm just asking you to try it, okay? 

It's literally as easy as 1-2-3. Or 4.. Whatever. You get that it's easy.
1. Boil some water, about a cup should do. You want enough so about an inch of the stems are covered in the water. 

2. While the water is boiling, cut the stems at a diagonal length. Whatever length you need to fit the vase of your choice. You'll also want to fill up your vase with lukewarm water. THIS IS CRUCIAL.  Using water that's too hot or too cold will cause them to wilt. 

3. Once the water is boiling, place the stems of the Hydrangeas (about an inch, or a little less..) in the water for NO MORE THEN 10 SECONDS. You don't want to burn the stems. Also, Make sure the lower leaves are cut prior to placing the stems in water, if you burn the leaves, the bloom will wilt. 

4. IMMEDIATELY put the flowers in your vase. And IT'S MAGIC.. I promise ya'll they will stay alive for what feels like FOREVER!

You can also repeat these steps if it's been awhile and your flowers are wilting, this will help them perk back up! It's really important not to keep Hydrangeas out of water too long, if you purchase them from the store, make sure you head right home after, and if you cut them from home, make sure you put them in water immediately. You get that they just really love water, right? LOL. 

Try out this trick, and let me know how it works for you! I'd love to hear how it works out! 

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  1. Should mine ever bloom this year I'll be sure to do this!

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  3. My favorite flower also! What technique do you use to dry them?! It's so hit and miss it seems!