The OVERLOOKED But Simple Upgrade That Can Transform A Space!

When I first started finding my decor style, there was lots of things I did wrong. There were lots of times, I'd fully decorate a space just to feel that something was off about it and it never really looked how I wanted it to. 

It took me a little while to discover what it was that a space needed, and do you know what that ONE thing was EVERY SINGLE TIME, that I needed to pull a space together? 

Yes, it can totally make or break a space and contrary to popular belief it doesn't have to cost a ton of money to update your lighting fixtures to give you the finished balance you crave. 

Let me start with the perfect example. 

When we first bought our fixer upper, (almost 4 years ago!) I was pretty clueless when it came to "my style". We had never owned our own place before so everything was a learning process for me. At first I didn't know which direction I wanted to go in when it came to home decor, and we kept everything builder grade basic, as I like to say. Mostly because we didn't have money to customize anything and because we really just wanted to move in. 

Once I started realizing my style, it was easy to see that lighting is the one thing that needed to GO. Our silver light fixtures just clashed with my love for deep wood tones and neutral whites. 

One of the first lights I changed was the one above our dining room table- and WOW, did it make a difference! Just see for yourself and tell me what you think, but don't judge me too harshly. This was about a year after we moved in.
I was confused about many things, but mostly how to shoot in manual mode from my camera.. LOL LOL!! Kidding. But seriously, thank goodness I've gotten a teeny bit better at taking pictures, am I right? 

Back to the topic at hand, you can see that this lighting just sort of clashed with my style, there was nothing about it that I loved. It was clunky, and offered no character, however, I didn't even know what sort of lighting I wanted for this space until I saw this Beauty!
I knew she was the one, sort of a like a love at first sight kinda thing. 
and here she was after just being installed. I was SO proud, still am. I probably could have edited these photos but I like to keep things real around here;) 

And here she is today, in all of her beautiful GLORY!!
Pretty crazy how something so simple can just completely transform a space! 

But I'm not done yet- Wait until you see this awful lighting that Nick picked out for over the island (sorry babe, but you know I've always hated it..still love you though!) 
Yes, this is a really embarrassing picture- We hadn't even moved in yet and were just starting the renovations, we were probably about 6 months in when this photo was taken, but he was so proud to have lighting. *cue eyeroll* no but seriously, truth be told I was really happy too-happy when I could finally rip that baby out and replace it with this gorgeous beauty right here!!! 
And Um, would you believe me if I told you it was under $80?! Seriously, probably the best purchase I have EVER made.

These days we're still in the process of updating all of the lighting throughout the house (ugh, that hall light has GOTTA go!) but as Nick often tells me, we have forever here, so why rush, right? I have to admit, our mistakes over the years have taught us many lessons, we've learned so much from flipping and now one of the first things I budget for is new lighting whenever we get a new renovation project. 

Lighting is one of those things that is so often overlooked, but can truly pull an entire space together. Don't you agree?!! 

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Best Farmhouse Decor Shops on Instagram

Do you ever see awesome farmhouse style decor and wonder where it came from? 

If you have an Instagram account then the answer is probably, "YES." Instagram is full of so many talented people, and some of the cutest little Farmhouse Decor shops around!

One of the really cool things about Instagram is all of the shops I've come across over the course of a year (ps. has it really been that long since I shifted focus on home decor?) I'm always looking out for unique and authentic items. After all, it's the little things that make a house a home. So today I'm here to share 5 of what I think, are some of the best shops on Instagram, and probably not very well known. However, I promise you'll love them as much as me. (Don't tell your husbands, because he's most likely going to hate me after this post.)

So without further ado.. let's get started!!! Are you excited? I'm you should be excited.. or at least just pretend, okay? 

This is one of my favorite shops! Full of farmhouse goodies and unique items. Need some magnolia stems? You can find them here! Don't forget to take a peek at there awesome lighting options! I'm always swooning over the gorgeous chandeliers, like This One!

as a special treat TGF readers can use code GLAM15 for 15% off all purchases made by 8/30/16! You can follow Shady Oaks Farm on Instagram @Shady Oaks Farm
Tray Can Be Purcahsed Here.

2. The Painted Nest

Need a hand painted, custom, unique sign? Kristy can do that for you! Most of my signs are from The Painted Nest and I love the quality of each one! My favorite is the custom Milk & Cream sign and my little cow friends (I actually call them that) that I have displayed in my kitchen- Super cute and great for adding some personalized farmhouse charm to any space! 

Keep your eyes and ears open for a Painted Nest Restock and be sure to follow @thepaintednest on Instagram.

I mean, I'm just going to confess to my unhealthy obsession with candles right now. I literally probably have 20 in my hidden candle drawer (what? You don't have a candle drawer? lame.) And Greyden Candle Co. makes the cutest candles in adorable little mason jars! Her fall line is just fabulous! 

Greyden Candle Co. is offering a deal just for TGF readers! You can use code GLAM15 to save 15% on all candle purchases through 08/27/2016! 
be sure to follow Greyden Candle Co on Instagram!
Click the Link Below for Product Info:

If you love the simple farmhouse style, then you'll love Southern Belle Sign- and Let's be real. Can you ever have too many signs? I don't think so. She also has arrows and other custom goodies in her shop! And from now through the end of August you can get $5 a FARMHOUSE sign!

You can follow @Southernbellesign on Instagram!

Lots of found vintage and authentic items can be picked up at this little shop! Full of vintage goodies and some of the cutest Farmhouse Style Decor around! You can catch a sale every Wednesday @i@inTheFarmKitchenShop on Instagram starting at 2pm PST! 

Use code GLAMFARM10 for 10% off any purchase from now through 8/31. 

Don't ya'll just love Instagram!? I hope you take some time to take a peek at these shops and show them some L-O-V-E! 

In the meantime, feel free to share some of your favorite Instagram shops in the comments below! I'd love to discover some new ones! 

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How To Decorate With Vintage Items

Oh hey! Remember me? I'm still here, I promise! And as the end of summer comes to a close, I'm going to try my hardest to get weekly posts up for you guys! I love blogging, but sometimes life takes priority and it takes a back seat, but I'm chatting about one of my absolute favorite things today (well, besides wine) and that's any and everything vintage! 

One of the things I totally love is vintage decor, but I'm also torn because occasionally my heart will skip a beat over something new and shiny. Which is basically how The Glam Farmhouse was born. 

Mixing old and new things can be super tricky, you don't want everything to be old, because then, well.. things look, old. This is shocking information, I know!

I like mixing new and old together because it creates a fresh look. Old things have soul and tell stories, which to me, is what makes a house a home. We are all different of course, with different styles, and that's what makes everyone so special! 

I feel like I've learned a few tricks over the past few years when it comes to mixing the two together to create a fun, unique style. 
My biggest piece of advice when decorating with vintage decor?

Start Small- 
By small I mean, create a coffee table vignette with an old galvanized bucket or pail, grab some old books, an old crate or dough bowl and get a feel for what works for you. Play around with these things to see how you feel about them! You can find small pieces at most antique shops.
Use Neutral Colors- 
Vintage decor is meant to feel cozy and warm. Using neutral paint colors like the ones I shared in this here will work with almost any vintage decor. The colors are soft and light and help things flow. This also means that your sofas, chairs, tables- should also feel neutral. For instance, make sure you have the basics to help things flow. Like a neutral colored coffee table and sofa. Or a neutral dining table and chairs. You can always mix, match, add and take away later.

Don't Match Things-
When buying furniture you want to avoid the matching end tables, coffee tables, lamps, chairs etc. Mixing different pieces of furniture together helps keep things feeling vintage and authentic and less "put together" but still looking well decorated. I honestly can't think of a single thing in my home that matches besides my end table and coffee table in my living room. But even that is neutral and very basic. When looking for furniture these days, I look for curves, chunky legs and authentic pieces.

Use Layers-
Something I really love to do is layer when decorating. This works really well with vintage decor because it keeps things feeling warm and cozy, which is basically what the whole farmhouse style is about. Layering can be easy, You need one statement piece, one focal point, one filler and one basic. I always like to use a table runner to create warmth to vignettes and tables. 

Just BUY IT!-
If you're out antique shopping and see something that just makes your heart happy, JUST BUY IT. No seriously. Don't worry about the size, don't worry about what you do with it, this is seriously how the best spaces have been decorated. Worse case scenario just save the piece until you decide on the perfect place to use it. You'll never regret buying something that speaks to you, but you'll always regret it if you don't.

You'd be surprised at what people have that they just want to give away, one mans trash is another mans treasure! Like one of my favorite pieces, this little rocking chair, I mentioned to my Dad I wanted one and he comes over with this a few weeks later. It was a dark black color so I painted it, but now every time I look at it it makes me happy. Those are seriously the best pieces.
I hope you found this post maybe a little helpful? Decorating should never be stressful, it should always be something you enjoy! The rules are simple, if you love it, make it work! The best spaces should feel collected, not decorated. I love everything in our home because it tells a story. And those are the best things!!

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The Best Farmhouse Style Wreaths!

It's no secret I love wreaths. I've even talked about it briefly HERE on my blog post about Old Windows. So Honestly, you guys should have known I'd be blogging about them shortly. I mean. It was only a matter of time, right? 

I have wreaths everywhere, hanging on old windows, ladders, outside, on doors, inside on doors, on chairs, on cabinets. They are just probably my favorite thing. Besides wine of course. But let's stay focused at the topic of the day. WREATHS. 

I've gathered up a few of my Farmhouse Favorites and they're pretty much classics when it comes to Farmhouse Decor, although you can of course, use them in all different styles of home decor. I've put together some of the classics and even thrown in one of my favorite wreaths that isn't a boxwood or magnolia.
{JUST FOR YOU!: Just click on the blue links below to see where you can purchase the wreaths I have listed above!} 

1.//Mini Boxwood Wreaths- Oh boxwoods, they will forever have my heart, I have them everywhere, hanging over chalkboards, hanging on cabinets, the backs of chairs, on ladders, on shelve hooks, they just add a little instant farmhouse flair to any space. This set is a STEAL with 6 mini wreaths under $10 buck each! 
2.//Cotton Wreath- Cotton Stems are super cool, but what's even cooler? Cotton Wreaths. Esepcially for fall and winter when you're looking to cozy up a space. They are so simply yet add some coziness and charm to a door, or old window.
3.//Dogwood Wreath- This one is an unexpected surprise, place over a door in our entryway it adds a little touch of whimsy to an otherwise blank space. It packs a pretty big punch in drab spaces that need some farmhouse lovin'.
4.//Magnolia Wreath- I mean, could I really do a post about Farmhouse Wreaths and not chat, if only for a second about Magnolia Wreaths? They are like THE HOLY GRAIL. I cannot tell you how often I get asked about ours. I want like, 8 of them. They are so verstaitle and can be used during any season and fit it just perfectly. I've used mine in Winter Vignettes, Simple Summer Decor, and Simply hanging over an old window to make a big statement. If you want a farmhouse wreath, then this is the best bang for your buck!
5.//Olive Wreath- I really love the simplicity of the Olive Wreaths, especially in kitchens! I think this one would be gorgeous hanging over a kitchen sink or above a stove on a hood. 

The cool thing about all of these wreaths is the versatility that all of them have! They can be moved around to fit your style and certain space at the moment. They are full of Farmhouse Goodness that will surely never go out of style! 

So what do you guys think? Do you have any of these wreaths or want one? Do you like using wreaths when you decorate? 

I sure hope you guys are having a great week, and soaking up every last bit of Summer the season has to offer! XO

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4 Ways To Decorate A Cake Stand!

Cake stands. I bet you about 99% of you have one. Maybe you have it on display already, maybe it's sitting on your kitchen counter right now, with a freshly baked coconut cake on it. Maybe you use it to proudly display your cupcakes. Or maybe, you don't use it at all and it's sitting in the back of your cabinets somewhere, all sad and lonely wondering why you don't love it anymore. 

So, today I want to talk about Cake Stands, and all of the ways you can use them in your decor! And you guys are in for a treat because none of these things involve actually using them to display cake.

I mean, not that I have anything against using them for that purpose. 

I'm sharing some of my favorite ways right here, right now- SPOILER ALERT. None of these things involve cake. 

1. At the kitchen sink- 
I absolutely LOVE having this cake stand beside my kitchen sink. I've used it to corral hand soaps, dish liquids etc. I also use it to display flowers, candles and more. The options are truly endless! And who doesn't want something pretty look at while they're doing dishes. I mean, I spend so much of my time standing in this spot that it should at least be pretty, right?! 

{Find my Cake Stand HERE}

2.To add height to Vignettes-
Most vignettes need some height to balance everything out, and cake stands are a super great way to add height when needed. I've used my favorite white cake stand so often just for this purpose! 

{Find my Favorite White Cake Stand HERE..}
3. In the Bedroom or Bathroom-
I love using this silver cake stand I picked up at Target for keeping my lotions, sprays and everyday products handy. We don't have a master bathroom yet so I have to control the clutter on our bedroom dressers somehow and this is perfect! Plus, it makes for a pretty display. If you want to stick them in the bathroom, they are extra adorable to display soaps, hand towels and hand scrubs.

4. As Serving Pieces-
Cake stands work as a super cute serving tray, just add some wine glasses and a bottle of wine and you have a cute little display for a table when you have company! Or even if you don't have company and wanna pretend to be fancy.. like me, when I'm alone. *cue sad violin music*

As you can see, Cake Stands can be super fun to decorate with! So play around and have fun! I'd love to hear about what fun ways you've used your cake stands! Leave me a comment below, and make sure you're following The Glam Farmhouse on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter!!

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Love hearing from you guys and forever grateful for your love and support! XO

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The $12 trick to refresh the Ikea Ektorp Sofa!

Do you have an Ikea Ektorp Sofa? Are the cushions looking a little less then fluffy? Like, maybe a little bit.. flat, even? Are you constantly "fluffing" up the cushions so that they don't sink down and look sloppy? 
Then you might wanna skip this post.. or maybe, you could find the information I'm about to share with you valuable in another part of your life. 
You know, actually, I didn't even notice just HOW bad my cushions were until I did this little "trick" (I mean, I guess that's what you could call it?) to give my cushions new life.

Our Ikea Ektorp sofa is over 5 years old. And it's been extremely good to us, but it's showing some signs of wear. Especially the cushions. I'm finding myself always trying to "fluff" them up and keep them from flopping over. 

So one day, I got this idea that I wanted to "re-fluff" our cushions. I mean, I'm sure we all just sit around and constantly think of things to add to our already long to do lists, right? I know I do. *rolls eyes* But this was something that NEEDED to be done. At least at that moment and in my eyes. So just humor me and act like this idea is really genius and that I just saved your life or something by sharing this information with you. 

This is the $12 update that can make your sofa look BRAND NEW (or well, close to it anyway.) Are you dying to know all about what I did yet? 

You guys, it's literally the most simple thing, EVER.

I picked up a bag of Poly Fill from Amazon. (If your couch is really bad, you might need two bags.) And then just got the stuffin'.

The top cushions are a little tricky, because they don't zip, so I had to cut little tiny slits in them to stuff the cotton inside, I guess if you're meticulous you could sew these cushions back up, but I wasn't really that stressed over it so I just left the little cut as is.
I just filled until it looked nice and big and fluffy again.
Make sure you use sharp scissors or a knife. 

The bottom cushions were a ton easier because they un-zipper. So I just stuffed the filling in between the cushions, again, just until it looked big and fluffy again. 

I seriously didn't even realize just how sad my poor sofa was looking until I added this fill!! Just check the before and after for yourself.
Now my cushions are nice and fluffy! 
Pretty cool, right? I think that this just happens to every Ikea Sofa after time, so this is a pretty cool idea to keep in the back of your mind for when your sofa is looking tired and in need of a little love. I absolutely LOVE this sofa and am so glad with this purchase! 

Do you have an Ikea Ektorp, or are you wanting one? What do you guys think about adding poly fill to fluff up the cushions? Will you try this little trick in the future? 
Always love to hear from you guys! 

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