Best Farmhouse Decor Shops on Instagram

Do you ever see awesome farmhouse style decor and wonder where it came from? 

If you have an Instagram account then the answer is probably, "YES." Instagram is full of so many talented people, and some of the cutest little Farmhouse Decor shops around!

One of the really cool things about Instagram is all of the shops I've come across over the course of a year (ps. has it really been that long since I shifted focus on home decor?) I'm always looking out for unique and authentic items. After all, it's the little things that make a house a home. So today I'm here to share 5 of what I think, are some of the best shops on Instagram, and probably not very well known. However, I promise you'll love them as much as me. (Don't tell your husbands, because he's most likely going to hate me after this post.)

So without further ado.. let's get started!!! Are you excited? I'm you should be excited.. or at least just pretend, okay? 

This is one of my favorite shops! Full of farmhouse goodies and unique items. Need some magnolia stems? You can find them here! Don't forget to take a peek at there awesome lighting options! I'm always swooning over the gorgeous chandeliers, like This One!

as a special treat TGF readers can use code GLAM15 for 15% off all purchases made by 8/30/16! You can follow Shady Oaks Farm on Instagram @Shady Oaks Farm
Tray Can Be Purcahsed Here.

2. The Painted Nest

Need a hand painted, custom, unique sign? Kristy can do that for you! Most of my signs are from The Painted Nest and I love the quality of each one! My favorite is the custom Milk & Cream sign and my little cow friends (I actually call them that) that I have displayed in my kitchen- Super cute and great for adding some personalized farmhouse charm to any space! 

Keep your eyes and ears open for a Painted Nest Restock and be sure to follow @thepaintednest on Instagram.

I mean, I'm just going to confess to my unhealthy obsession with candles right now. I literally probably have 20 in my hidden candle drawer (what? You don't have a candle drawer? lame.) And Greyden Candle Co. makes the cutest candles in adorable little mason jars! Her fall line is just fabulous! 

Greyden Candle Co. is offering a deal just for TGF readers! You can use code GLAM15 to save 15% on all candle purchases through 08/27/2016! 
be sure to follow Greyden Candle Co on Instagram!
Click the Link Below for Product Info:

If you love the simple farmhouse style, then you'll love Southern Belle Sign- and Let's be real. Can you ever have too many signs? I don't think so. She also has arrows and other custom goodies in her shop! And from now through the end of August you can get $5 a FARMHOUSE sign!

You can follow @Southernbellesign on Instagram!

Lots of found vintage and authentic items can be picked up at this little shop! Full of vintage goodies and some of the cutest Farmhouse Style Decor around! You can catch a sale every Wednesday @i@inTheFarmKitchenShop on Instagram starting at 2pm PST! 

Use code GLAMFARM10 for 10% off any purchase from now through 8/31. 

Don't ya'll just love Instagram!? I hope you take some time to take a peek at these shops and show them some L-O-V-E! 

In the meantime, feel free to share some of your favorite Instagram shops in the comments below! I'd love to discover some new ones! 

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