How To Decorate With Vintage Items

Oh hey! Remember me? I'm still here, I promise! And as the end of summer comes to a close, I'm going to try my hardest to get weekly posts up for you guys! I love blogging, but sometimes life takes priority and it takes a back seat, but I'm chatting about one of my absolute favorite things today (well, besides wine) and that's any and everything vintage! 

One of the things I totally love is vintage decor, but I'm also torn because occasionally my heart will skip a beat over something new and shiny. Which is basically how The Glam Farmhouse was born. 

Mixing old and new things can be super tricky, you don't want everything to be old, because then, well.. things look, old. This is shocking information, I know!

I like mixing new and old together because it creates a fresh look. Old things have soul and tell stories, which to me, is what makes a house a home. We are all different of course, with different styles, and that's what makes everyone so special! 

I feel like I've learned a few tricks over the past few years when it comes to mixing the two together to create a fun, unique style. 
My biggest piece of advice when decorating with vintage decor?

Start Small- 
By small I mean, create a coffee table vignette with an old galvanized bucket or pail, grab some old books, an old crate or dough bowl and get a feel for what works for you. Play around with these things to see how you feel about them! You can find small pieces at most antique shops.
Use Neutral Colors- 
Vintage decor is meant to feel cozy and warm. Using neutral paint colors like the ones I shared in this here will work with almost any vintage decor. The colors are soft and light and help things flow. This also means that your sofas, chairs, tables- should also feel neutral. For instance, make sure you have the basics to help things flow. Like a neutral colored coffee table and sofa. Or a neutral dining table and chairs. You can always mix, match, add and take away later.

Don't Match Things-
When buying furniture you want to avoid the matching end tables, coffee tables, lamps, chairs etc. Mixing different pieces of furniture together helps keep things feeling vintage and authentic and less "put together" but still looking well decorated. I honestly can't think of a single thing in my home that matches besides my end table and coffee table in my living room. But even that is neutral and very basic. When looking for furniture these days, I look for curves, chunky legs and authentic pieces.

Use Layers-
Something I really love to do is layer when decorating. This works really well with vintage decor because it keeps things feeling warm and cozy, which is basically what the whole farmhouse style is about. Layering can be easy, You need one statement piece, one focal point, one filler and one basic. I always like to use a table runner to create warmth to vignettes and tables. 

Just BUY IT!-
If you're out antique shopping and see something that just makes your heart happy, JUST BUY IT. No seriously. Don't worry about the size, don't worry about what you do with it, this is seriously how the best spaces have been decorated. Worse case scenario just save the piece until you decide on the perfect place to use it. You'll never regret buying something that speaks to you, but you'll always regret it if you don't.

You'd be surprised at what people have that they just want to give away, one mans trash is another mans treasure! Like one of my favorite pieces, this little rocking chair, I mentioned to my Dad I wanted one and he comes over with this a few weeks later. It was a dark black color so I painted it, but now every time I look at it it makes me happy. Those are seriously the best pieces.
I hope you found this post maybe a little helpful? Decorating should never be stressful, it should always be something you enjoy! The rules are simple, if you love it, make it work! The best spaces should feel collected, not decorated. I love everything in our home because it tells a story. And those are the best things!!

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  1. Love the post. I have a rocking chair that I've been thinking about painting white. Your pic literally just sealed the deal. Haha. Thanks for sharing the tips!

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