The Best Farmhouse Style Wreaths!

It's no secret I love wreaths. I've even talked about it briefly HERE on my blog post about Old Windows. So Honestly, you guys should have known I'd be blogging about them shortly. I mean. It was only a matter of time, right? 

I have wreaths everywhere, hanging on old windows, ladders, outside, on doors, inside on doors, on chairs, on cabinets. They are just probably my favorite thing. Besides wine of course. But let's stay focused at the topic of the day. WREATHS. 

I've gathered up a few of my Farmhouse Favorites and they're pretty much classics when it comes to Farmhouse Decor, although you can of course, use them in all different styles of home decor. I've put together some of the classics and even thrown in one of my favorite wreaths that isn't a boxwood or magnolia.
{JUST FOR YOU!: Just click on the blue links below to see where you can purchase the wreaths I have listed above!} 

1.//Mini Boxwood Wreaths- Oh boxwoods, they will forever have my heart, I have them everywhere, hanging over chalkboards, hanging on cabinets, the backs of chairs, on ladders, on shelve hooks, they just add a little instant farmhouse flair to any space. This set is a STEAL with 6 mini wreaths under $10 buck each! 
2.//Cotton Wreath- Cotton Stems are super cool, but what's even cooler? Cotton Wreaths. Esepcially for fall and winter when you're looking to cozy up a space. They are so simply yet add some coziness and charm to a door, or old window.
3.//Dogwood Wreath- This one is an unexpected surprise, place over a door in our entryway it adds a little touch of whimsy to an otherwise blank space. It packs a pretty big punch in drab spaces that need some farmhouse lovin'.
4.//Magnolia Wreath- I mean, could I really do a post about Farmhouse Wreaths and not chat, if only for a second about Magnolia Wreaths? They are like THE HOLY GRAIL. I cannot tell you how often I get asked about ours. I want like, 8 of them. They are so verstaitle and can be used during any season and fit it just perfectly. I've used mine in Winter Vignettes, Simple Summer Decor, and Simply hanging over an old window to make a big statement. If you want a farmhouse wreath, then this is the best bang for your buck!
5.//Olive Wreath- I really love the simplicity of the Olive Wreaths, especially in kitchens! I think this one would be gorgeous hanging over a kitchen sink or above a stove on a hood. 

The cool thing about all of these wreaths is the versatility that all of them have! They can be moved around to fit your style and certain space at the moment. They are full of Farmhouse Goodness that will surely never go out of style! 

So what do you guys think? Do you have any of these wreaths or want one? Do you like using wreaths when you decorate? 

I sure hope you guys are having a great week, and soaking up every last bit of Summer the season has to offer! XO

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