Cozy & Classic Fall Farmhouse Decor

As with all basic females, I love fall. I'm also a sucker for neutrals. So it's kind of weird that this season I was drawn to the warm tones of fall. Including what could quite possibly be my least favorite color. ORANGE. 

Which also makes this post even more surprising. 

But that doesn't make me love it any less. 

I'm sure I will change this space up no less then a thousand times before fall is over, maybe even before September is over, but I wanted to show you guys that there are great ways to decorate with warm tones, even if you love neutrals. Fall is honestly whatever you want it to be! Cozy and Warm. Cool and Chic. Or maybe even the perfect mix of both. You know around here though we like to keep things more on the cozy end. 
As most of you know, this little space is one of my favorite areas in my home. It sits nestled to the left of the kitchen in my dining room, and she always gets decorated for the seasons and Holidays. 

I get asked about this buffet a LOT, I searched for a buffet that wasn't too big or too bulky for the longest time, I wanted something rustic and chic and wasn't finding what I wanted, I bought this one from Wayfair and then painted it and switched the hardware myself. You can find my buffet Here or similar, here or here.

What inspired it all? This adorable little Pumpkin Patch sign I got from This Hand Painted Home Isn't it gorgeous?! I'm pretty much obsessed with it! 
I picked up some oak leaves from my local grocery store and used some magnolia picks I got from Sweet Tea Steals! I just love the natural element they add, don't you?! You can find them here.

Wanna know a secret? This plaid "throw" is actually a blanket scarf I got at Target last season. Who knew fashion and home decor go hand in hand?! 
I got these little vine pumpkins at Target last year but you can get similar ones here and here.
The cool thing about this space is that in general I try to keep all the basic elements, like my mirror which was custom made but you can find similar here or here, my lantern, similar lantern here and here. My dough Bowl typically stays around too. I just switch out filler for the season, like the pumpkins and flowers and change out my wreaths or signs! 

So, what do ya'll think about this space? Are we feelin' it or no? I'd love to hear your thoughts, I hope you know that I read each and every single comment here and on Instagram and try to respond to every single one! They mean so much to me and I'm so thankful for all of you! 
If you're not following along on Instagram I'd love to have you! You can also check out the fun on Facebook!! 

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  1. I too have a blanket scarf i use for decor. Why not right? And I have been feeling neutrals lately but can absolutely NOT give up my oranges. A balance you know?

  2. So pretty, and I LOVE how you used a blanket scarf to decorate!! That is totally genius!!

  3. This looks soooo cozy and beautiful!! I follow you on IG and love linking over to your blog for fun posts and tips like this! I have a buffet I'm wanting to paint and your paint color is the perfect white. Do you mind sharing what color you painted it? Did you do an underneath coat so when you distressed it, so it was darker under the white? Thank you so much in advance. Keep the awesome decorating posts coming-you are so talented and I love your style! Happy weekend!

  4. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here...

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