Hall Tree Makeover with Chalk Paint

Hey Friends! Soon there are going to be some changes here at TGF, I'm currently working on a new and BETTER designed blog layout and will be switching my content to WordPress so I can share even more with you! This is a big step for me and I have to admit I'm a little nervous, but I know that in the end it will be better for you, my lovely readers, and also easier for me. 

Anywho, I'll chat more about that later when the time comes, but for now, I'm going to share one of my latest furniture re-do's with you! 
I scored this beautiful hall tree for $25 and was beyond thrilled!

 I've been wanting a hall tree FOREVER, but didn't wanna drop $300+ on one. This was was extremely well made and exactly what I was looking for, buuuuut.. (and there is usually always one of those!) I didn't love the color. So under these circumstances what do you do? Paint it white, duh! 

I won't lie, I debated painting this one a different color, something fun. Maybe black? Green? Blue? Yes, I debated. But in the end I decided I wanted to keep this piece neutral, in case I decided to move it around. So I used my favorite paint by {Annie Sloan in Old White.} Some people don't like Old White, they say it's too creamy or yellow. But I personally love it for that very reason, it looks more authentic to me. I've used both but Old White is still my favorite. 

I also knew I wanted to keep this piece extra chippy. I have a thing for extra chippy these days. 

I started first by giving it a light sand with my hand sander. Sanding isn't necessary with chalk paint, but this time I decided to do it. In the end, it helps the paint adhere a little better and the color ends up being more vibrant. I will probably always give me pieces a light sand before paint now. It can't hurt, right?

After I was done, I wiped all the dust off with some cheese cloth (cheese cloth is cool because it doesn't leave any fuzzies behind) and it wipes everything clean. 

Then I dug right in and got started! I dipped my cheese cloth in Vaseline (the kind you can find in the baby aisle at most local stores) and rubbed it on the spots where I didn't want the paint to adhere. You don't want the Vaseline to be clumpy, just enough to give it a slick coat so the paint won't stick there. 

After that I got started painting!

The hardest part of this piece was probably the curves at the top, chalk paint is awesome, but it's thick and will cake up quickly if you don't pay attention to what type of brushes you use. (I use a Purdy Brush, They are my absolute FAVORITE!) and highly recommend them. I also usually work right out of the can, less mess and makes things easier when it's time to clean up. 

I waited about 2 hours for my first coat to dry and then gave it a second coat of paint. 

Two coats did the trick! After my final coat was dry I gave her a coat of clear wax (also by Annie Sloan) with a wax brush, I just work in circles and remove the excess with cheesecloth. (Yup, I love cheesecloth!) 

I distressed by using a fine grit sand paper, paying close attention to curves and edges. 

I'm really thrilled with the result and final outcome of this piece! Although I left the original hooks in place, I've debated changing them. I really have a thing for keeping the hold hinges and things though because they just don't make them like they used too anymore! Sometimes I don't have a choice though and opt to buy new. 

For now, this piece sits in our dining room right beside our front door! I sure do think she's beautiful all decked out for fall! Don't you? ;)

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  1. Love you hall tree. It is beautiful. I just found your blog and I love farmhouse things.

  2. Love you hall tree. It is beautiful. I just found your blog and I love farmhouse things.

  3. Oh my word, Laurie, what an amazing find! I can't believe you got that for only $25!! And it was such a beautiful transformation!!

  4. Oh this turned out AMAZING!!!! I've been dying to try my hand at chalk paint just haven't made he plunge yet. Well done you!!!