The Decor of Falls Past..

Wait. Isn't it supposed to be the GHOSTS of CHRISTMAS past? Or well, something like that?

Today I'm sharing all of my favorite fall posts from LAST year. In hopes of drumming up some of my creativity for this year, all while keeping things a little different of course. 

So let's take a step back in time shall we? Tonight you'll be visited by three ghosts.. oh wait. That's not how this story goes. Oops. 

Let's chat about one of my most pinned pictures- ever. I'm not mad about it. That "BOO" sign is everything. I picked it up at Marshall's last year and I tried and tired but couldn't find anything similar for ya'll this year. I'm sorry. I tried. I really did. 
I WAS however, able to find some similar lanterns. You can check this one out here and here.
I still love this cozy picture that was featured on both country living and good housekeeping! I was truly so honored to be featured on two of my favorite sites! I also shared the trick to aging new metal (see that little milk can? It's from the Target Dollar Spot!) and you can check out that post here!

You can find the white candlesticks that I get asked about often here. These candle holders are my absolute favorite thing!
 Moving on to the picture that was featured on Pop Sugar last year.. They claimed this was the "perfect beachy fall decor". I guess I could see that;) My Mason jars are a staple in my decorating. They are just the prettiest shade of blue, don't you think? 

I'm seriously so annoyed I haven't been able to find white mums yet. But it's early and I guess I have to keep looking, right? This metal welcome sign was a find from Antique Farmhouse. I love all the vintage vibes, don't you? 

While I'm totally basic and LOVE Fall and Fall decor, I gotta admit it you guys..I'm really sad to see summer go. I'm such a summer girl at heart. While I very much love the Holidays, I dread the weather that comes with it. I can't be alone in this, I mean, unless you live in Arizona or Texas where its hot and humid basically all the time, then I get why you might crave some cooler temps. I guess here in the Northeast we really do have the best of all worlds. Best to enjoy it! 

I'm so super excited to share with you all the new fall decor I've been putting together but for now I hope you find some inspiration in this post when decorating for the new season! 
As always, thanks for stopping by! It seriously means so much to me and I can't thank you all for your love and support enough! I'm really excited for all the changes coming here to TGF and I hope you continue to follow along and join us on the adventure! 

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  1. I always love looking back on past photos too! It helps getting the juices flowing!

  2. Your fall decor last year was amazing! I can't wait to see what you do this year!

  3. It is all absolutely gorgeous, Laurie! I wouldn't expect anything less, though! Your whole house is always drool-worthy. :o) That Boo sign really is incredible... I love me some Marshall's. I guess I need to just go glance in ours to make sure they don't have any left over from last season!