Favorite Places To Shop For Farmhouse Style Decor

Happy Halloween! It's kinda funny I'm here blogging about Farmhouse Style Decor on such a fun Holiday but hey, it is what it is, right? Ha!

If you haven't had time to catch up, I started a new series on my blog three weeks ago about my transition to farmhouse style and ways you can transition too! You can check out the previous weeks here!

One of the things I get asked a TON on instagram is, "Where do you shop for all of your decor?" Lots of things in my home have been gifted, or picked up at antique shops, HOWEVER, a good amount of things in my home have been purchased and today I'm going to share with you 5 of my favorite places to shop for Farmhouse Decor ONLINE. 

I really do love to browse Home Goods or Etsy for unique farmhouse style finds, however, etsy can sometimes have costly shipping and Home Goods can be hit or miss. 

The following shops are always full of farmhouse goodies, and you're sure to find something (or several things!) you love in these shops!
1. Painted Fox Homethey have one of the best farmhouse selections and pretty much anything you could want for a farmhouse home! I especially love their gorgeous dough bowl! I blogged all about how you can style dough bowls here.

2. Shady Oaks Farm- This is one of my favorite shops, the sweet ladies behind it are so helpful and are always open and willing to answer any of your questions! My favorite things in this shop full of goodies are the farmhouse trays! They have a HUGE selection and are reasonably priced. This is a great place to start home decor shopping if you want to farmhouse up your home.

3. Decor Steals- Decor Steals is a flashsale site, offering new deals at insanely low prices daily! They offer so many unique items and I've been able to get so many gorgeous things there at great prices, even better is the low cost shipping! Sign up for deals and you'll unlock a special steal when you check out. The shipping sometimes takes a few weeks but it's always worth it! 

4. Antique Farmhouse- I absolutely LOVE this shop! I've snagged some many unique and amazing things at great deals! Similar to Decor Steals, new flash sales are posted daily, but instead of just one item, it's collections. Often times full of unique and vintage inspired or authentic vintage items. Also like Decor Steals, shipping can sometimes take a little longer then usual but the low prices make it worth it! You will find the LOWEST prices on your favorite items in this little online shop! 

5. Antique Candle Works- I know that candles aren't exactly farmhouse decor, but I just love these amazing candles! They are my absolute favorite and the shop owner is a doll, these are hand poured candles and they come in the most amazing scents, ever! No farmhouse is complete in my opinion, without a yummy smelly candle burning. There is just something so cozy about it!

So there you have it friends! 5 of my favorite places to shop for Farmhouse Style Decor! Also, don't be scared to search places like Amazon and Target! I've found some amazing deals on some of my favorite decor at those places. 

So where are some of your favorite places to shop for Home Decor? I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to chat with me on instagram or facebook! I just love hearing from you guys!! 

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Living Room & Halloween Dinner-Day 3 of The Halloween Home Tour

It's Friday! And that means it's time for Day 3 of the Halloween Home Tour! I sure hope you've enjoyed it.  I had fun putting this mini-series of posts together for you! I originally planned for series to last for 5 days, but blogging obligations popped up and I was only able to manage a 3 day tour. 

So today, I'm going to be sharing the rest of my Halloween Decor with you- and even our super festive, spooky and elegant Halloween themed Dinner Party! I really appreciate everyone that loves Halloween as much as I do!
Let's start in the living room, I kept things mostly simple by adding some flying bats to my old window above the sofa, I got asked about the bats a few times this season and I got mine at the Target Dollar Spot (I mean, isn't that where all the good things come from?!)
I did some simple decor on the coffee table, using a tray I had from Magnolia- and you can find similar here, I was able to get the tree from the Dollar Spot as well, but the pumpkin and candle holder are from Home Goods, although I've seen both at Marshalls also! I'd be checking their clearance aisles if you want to snag either one.

Moving into the dining room- I know, again. LOL 

I was able to create an elegantly spooky space using things I already had. 

Mini sandwiches and bacon wrapped mini hot dogs kept things simple! Finger foods are my favorite since I have to spend so much time preparing everything else. Um, I mean, I have kids? So just being able to do the dishes feels like a huge accomplishment. Just being real guys. Just bein real!

Now that this is all wrapped up, I'm anxious to get started on my next major project! No space is safe from Christmas around here and I can't wait to share with all of you! 
Can I just say that I'm crazy thankful for all of your love and encouragement, I know that I say it every single time but I really do mean it! 

Feel free to chat with me on Instagram or Facebook. I just love hearing from you guys! 
I sure hope you have a great Halloween weekend doing all sorts of fun things! Are you planning to have a themed dinner? I would absolutely love to hear all about it!

Don't forget to check out other days of the tour! Day One here and Day Two here!
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Spooky Dining Room- Day 2 of the Halloween Home Tour!

I sure hope you enjoyed the little mini tour of my Halloween Entryway Yesterday! I'm having too much fun with Halloween this year- Nick and Savanna love it so that makes it a little more fun to decorate for. Even though Halloween can be so tricky to incorporate into our everyday decor. 

Today we're moving on to a different space- The dining room! There is a general theme of Skelly following us wherever we go this time of year. Actually, it's starting to feel like he's part of the family. 
Our dining room is one of my favorite places to decorate and so is this buffet! I got so many questions about this 'BOO' sign and I got it at Marshall's last year, Unfortunately, I haven't seen them this year:( This could be a really fun DIY project though, all you would need is some twig fine similar to this!

I just love this sideboard so much! You can find it here. I actually painted mine white and switched out the hardware so that it fit in a little better into the dining room. I was really pleased with the outcome and how sturdy this piece is in general. I blog about it so much because I just really do love it! 

Almost all of the accents and Halloween decor has been purchased at Home Goods this year or last. With the exception of the glittery black pumpkins and trees, those are from the good old Target Dollar Spot- As I'm typing this, I'm anticipating what goodies they're going to have for Christmas this year! Did I just say that word? I did. I'm sorry. Don't hate me.

There is something so SpoOoOky about draping old cloths over things when it comes to Halloween Decor, isn't there?
I seriously CANNOT believe that October is coming to and end so quickly! So I'm trying to hang on as tight as I can before the Halloween gets packed up and put away in anticipation of a new Holiday. 

Don't forget to check out Day 1 of the Halloween Home Tour before you leave!

I hope you come hang out tomorrow and check out the living room all decked out for Halloween.
Do you decorate for Halloween? Have a question? Feel free to chat with me! I just love hearing from you guys! Find me on Instagram or Facebook! 

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Farmhouse Chic Entryway- Day 1 of The Halloween Home Tour!

It's here, It's here!! Halloween Week! Can you believe it? I can't. But I'm excited!! I'm also excited to share my 5 days of Halloween with you. I'll be doing a tour of 5 different spaces all decked out for Halloween and I'm so excited you've joined in on the fun, so grab your favorite mug (or a glass of wine, I mean, I don't judge!) and hang out with me for a little bit today as I give you the tour of our Halloween Entryway!

Most of you that have been following along for awhile know that we don't really have an entryway. You just sort of walk into the dining room, turn to the right and there it is. 

So I just sort of make the most of this space for what it is. It gets all decked out for every season and holiday! Halloween of course, being no exception. 
Let's start with the basics shall we? I really love to just keep out my everyday decor and then fill in with some seasonal decor when the mood strikes. I did however, decide to ditch my neutral colored runner for this Spooky Mantel Cloth I picked up at {Pier 1} I was really obsessed with all of their Halloween Decor this season! The Gold Glittery Pumpkins are from there as well, and so is my favorite white and copper lantern! You can find a similar one here.
The Bats were from Target Dollar Spot last season but I'm pretty sure they sold something similar this year also.

We really love having Skelly out this time of year;) 
I'm forever obsessed with this double sided sign that Kristy from The Painted Nest made for me! The other side says "Give Thanks!" and I shared it in this post here.

By the way, I really need a new jute rug, this one is starting to show it's age! I got mine at Target and you can find it here. USE CODE FALLHOME for 10% off!!! 

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you guys that this space has already been dismantled in preparation for a new season. #BLOGGERLIFE but I'm excited to decorate for my next favorite Holiday, even though I won't yet say the word! 

I'd love it if you come check out tomorrow's post it's one of my absolute FAVORITE spaces!! I know you'll love it too. Or well, I hope so, at least!

So what do you guys think of my Halloween Entryway? Do you decorate for Halloween? I think it can definitely be tricky! But I'd love to hear all about it if you do! Let's chat on Instagram or Facebook! I just love hearing from you guys! 
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Tips For Creating a Guest Bedroom- The Easy and Thrifty Way!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BigLotsHome#CollectiveBias

It's almost that time of year! When company is coming and our homes are filled with love and laughter! I absolutely love it! But if you don't have an inviting guest room or space- you might be feeling a little stressed out as the Holidays approach.

NEVER FEAR! LAURIE IS HERE! (OMG. Did I just actually type that!) I'm going to share how I decorated our guest space the easy and thrifty way with as little stress as possible! 

This was one of those projects that's been on my to do list forever. But it was just never a huge priority because nobody ever really knew it was there and that it was empty. Except for me of course. 

But when my Mom moved in- I knew we had to create a calming and welcoming space for her! We didn't have a ton of money to work with so I wanted to put together the best space I could using things I had on hand. Most of the budget for this room went to new furniture which we purchased at Big Lots- Big Lots is awesome for Home Decor and carry all of the best products that are fashionable and right on trend! I  purchased all of our outdoor furniture from Big Lots and it's easily been one of the best purchases we've made! 

Had this whole project gone my way- the room would be painted in one of my favorite griege paint colors with a neutral palette and more rustic finds- but my Mom's style is a little different then mine. She loves color and more modern things. I think this room is a perfect combination of shabby chic and modern and the end result had a very relaxed cozy cottage feel.
I'm sharing my top 5 favorite tips today for creating a guest room the easy and thrifty way and make the process as easy as possible!

Five Tips For Creating A Guest Room The Easy and Thrifty Way!

Use What You Have-

I was able to decorate this space by "shopping the house!" A spare lamp, candle stick, and clock all came together to put together the finishing touches in this shabby chic bedroom!

Make A Statement-
When you're not trying to spend a ton of money, I always try to work on one area or focus on something to make a statement! These old windows did just that- I wanted it to take the place of a headboard over the bed and it was by far the impact I was looking for and it didn't cost a ton of money! You can try things like painting stripes on one wall as an accent. Just something that draws the focus to that specific area. It makes even the most drab room seem more interesting!

Choose a Soothing Color Palette-
Everyone knows I'm a griege and white kinda gal- but my Mom really wanted some color in this space- Thankfully- we agreed on this soft lavender color and I actually really like it. It's not overpowering and really soothing and calming. Kind of makes me feel like I'm at a Spa. It's the perfect shade of purple to capture that shabby chic kind of romantic glam that is so on trend right now! Choose a color that is calming, like light blues or soft pinks and purples. 

Add Rugs-
Oh rugs, How I love them! This fur rug adds just the element of fun I wanted to add in this space! I wish it was a little bigger, but as I said, I mostly tried to shop the house and this rug used to be in Savanna's room before we purchased another, it's also served as a table runner on my coffee table! Using decor in versatile and different ways always keeps things fun!

Shop Big Lots-
Big Lots has all of the things you need to put together cozy and welcoming spaces for your guests- especially for the Holidays! I was able to purchase this Bed and Dresser in store! 
and I liked that they showed me what it looked like all put together before I purchased!
I really liked this bed because of the storage underneath- I can easily store extra blankets, sheets and other items used when guests come to visit in them! The best part is that they carry almost everything IN STORE and you can bring it right home and get started creating awesome spaces without waiting for things to come in the mail! 

Pretty spaces don't have to be hard you guys! Just make sure you're having fun with what you're doing. It doesn't have to look like something someone else is doing, if you like it that's all that matters. Don't stress too much over it. 

Enjoy everyone!
Feel free to chat with me on Instagram or Facebook. You can also drop a comment below, I just LOVE hearing from you guys and I would love to know what you think of my Mom's new room!? 

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Favorite Farmhouse Style Rugs

Last week I shared a little bit about how I found my decorating style and transitioned to more of the Farmhouse Style I craved, little by little. You can check out that post here

So, as promised, this week I'm talking a little more about it, and this week I'm sharing my favorite farmhouse style rugs!

One of the things I did to achieve the farmhouse style look I loved so much, was adding rugs to my spaces, I especially loved Jute rugs and the texture they added! 
Rugs also add warmth and coziness to a space and you all know I'm all about cozy and warm. 

However- farmhouse style rugs aren't limited to just jute rugs. As you'll soon see!

Here are some of my current favorites, I know you'll just love them too!

Obviously I love to shop at Target for rugs because it's easy, but I really love my Jute Rug  from RUGS USA! They have an awesome selection and you absolutely can't beat the prices!

Do you have rugs in your spaces? Which one is your favorite?! 
Feel free to chat with me on Instagram and Facebook! Or you can drop a comment below! I just love hearing from you!

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Easy Ways To Decorate For Fall On A Budget!

Haven't decorated for fall yet? Don't worry! I'm here to help you catch some #fallvibes today! Fall decor doesn't have to be hard and it definitely doesn't have to cost a ton of money!

I realize it's the end of October and we're coming up on November soon, you know what comes after November and I won't yet say the word. But It revolves around a jolly guy in a red suit that brings presents. 

That being said, It's really easy to just skip November and it's Holiday- Thanksgiving- All Together, isn't it? But you'd really be missing out if you did that. Thanksgiving is super special because you don't need presents or candy to make it so. Just a good meal with friends and family that mean the most to you (and a good wine helps too.) 

Today I wanted to share a few ways you can decorate for Fall and Thanksgiving fairly quickly and on a budget. 

1. Pumpkins- Obviously. 

Pumpkins CAN be expensive. If you don't shop for them at the right places! I've purchased pumpkins from Home Depot, The Grocery Store and other big box stores and I've spent way more then I probably should on something that's going to die in a few weeks. However, you can get faux pumpkins for almost the same cost as real pumpkins and they'll last forever! This time of year they are often times discounted and marked down so you can still decorate for Thanksgiving now and be prepared for next year. 

I love these faux pumpkins I got at Micheal's- I've used them in so many ways. In vignettes on my coffee table, in baskets, in dough bowls, or by themselves. 

Adding pumpkins to any space will instantly make it feel more like Fall. And it's the easiest thing every to do!  

2. Leaves and Branches-

Most of the time these are F-R-E-E. I did spend $5 to purchase some oak stems but they're worth it because they last all season, I'm sure you could find some leaves in your own back yard to incorporate into your decor. If not, branches work just as well! And almost everyone has some of those laying around. 

I like putting mine in vases and bowls but you can just display them alone too! A great way to make a space feel more cozy and fall like without spending a ton of money or time.

3. Wreaths-
Wreaths are my favorite thing, I blogged about some of my everyday farmhouse basic ones here but if you're on a budget and just want to decorate quickly- a simple twig wreath always looks great hanging anywhere! You can get them for under $5 at Wal-Mart usually! If you want to incorporate some color you can always buy some Chalk Paint Spray Paint and spray them a neutral or fun color for the season. Wreaths are great hanging on old windows, old doors, new doors, in crates, pretty much wherever! Just adding one can add so much to an otherwise drab space.

In my opinion fall is all about natural elements so a simple twig wreath is a great way to bring nature inside. 

4. Burn a Candle-
Is there anything more comforting then a smelly fall candle? I don't think so. Some of my favorites currently can be found here and here. Adding a candle to a space instantly makes it more cozy and fall like! 

5. Mums-

Put a pot out on your front porch beside some pumpkins and INSTANTLY feel the fall vibes.

6. Add a Throw Blanket-
A cozy plaid print just screams fall! And a neutral colored one like this can easily transfer to other seasons. Add one to your favorite cozy chair or sofa and let the Halloween movie marathons begin!

Fall is all about making your home cozy and inviting. At least in my humble opinion.
And it doesn't have to cost a ton of money to achieve it! In the end, what makes our home warm and cozy are the people we share it with. But it's nice to have some pretty stuff too, and well. Pumpkins never hurt anybody, right? ;)

I love hearing from you! Feel free to chat with me on Instagram, or Facebook! You can also leave a comment here and I'll respond as soon as I can! 

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