6 Ways To Decorate With Tobacco Baskets!

I love decorating with Tobacco Baskets. And as badly as I've wanted to get my hands on an authentic one I haven't yet been able to find any in my area. It bums me out but one day hopefully I'll be at the right spot at the right time! 

Thankfully, there are plenty of shops that sell vintage inspired tobacco baskets that look like the real deal. I purchased mine here.
 Now you all know my secret, don't judge me, okay? ;)

I had no idea when I purchased them just how much you could actually do with them until I started playing around and trying new things. I've used the in so many ways! Just how I blogged about using {lanterns last week} tobacco baskets are similar in the sense that you aren't restricted to just hanging them on the wall and calling it a day, but I mean, if that's your thing that's totally cool too. 

Today's post is all about tobacco baskets, decorating with them, where to find them and how I use them in my decor. I sure hope you find this post helpful in some sorta way! So let me share all the ways I've used tobacco baskets in my decor!

1. Use Them As Trays-

I love using my tobacco baskets as trays, they are so great for creating a pretty vignette for a coffee table. You can fill them with books, candles, greenery, or old mason jars like I did here.

2. Hang Them-
So most of the time if you're seeing tobacco baskets people have hung them on their walls to make a statement, I love hanging them! They sure are great for creating visual interest on walls. I love the fun element it adds here to our little command center I blogged about {here}.

3. Use Them To Layer-

Tobacco Baskets look so great tucked away in vignettes and on shelves! Just check out how I styled this shelf with them! 

4. Use Them To Hold Books-
These little "baskets" work great for holding books and magazines in your living room or any other space you have books and magazines! 

5. Style Them With Signs-

I love signs, and when I put signs and tobacco baskets together I love them both even more! I love mixing things up like I did with this sign here.

6. Put A Wreath On It-

There is nothing more rustic, southern or farmhouse then putting a boxwood or magnolia in a tobacco basket. But of course that's just my opinion;) 

I'm sure there are so many undiscovered ways you can use tobacco baskets but I sure hope you liked all the ways I've styled mine in the past in today's post and I hope you're inspired to decorate with them too! 

Will you be purchasing some or using them in the future?

Feel free to chat with me on Instagram or Facebook! I always love hearing from you and thank you so much for making this little blog possible. It truly means so much to me having you here!
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  1. I found a tutorial to DIY some tobacco baskets so that's how I'm getting mine. I bought a set for my daughter for her bday earlier this year and she loves them too! Can't wait to show her this and see what she comes up with. Thank you for the great ideas!

  2. Love these! My mom has a massiv square antique one but it cost like a fortune. Your first born practically!!

  3. Oooh, love these! I am going to have to grab me some tobacco baskets.

    1. I recently purchased mine from Hobby Lobby

  4. Love your style! Can I ask where you purchased that "our nest sign?"