Cozy and Classic Fall Tablescape

Wanna know a secret? I hate tablescapes. 

I mean, okay, so I LOVE them when other people do them, But I'M not good at them. I feel like so much work goes into them and they just aren't super practical for me. (Uh, toddler, teenager.. that sorta thing.)

My table is pretty plain jane most of the time. But I guess if I'm going to put together a tablescape, fall is a pretty good time for one. Right? I'd figured I'd give it a shot, step out of my element a little bit.
So I bring you..The Cozy and Classic Fall Tablescape!

 So Today I'm sharing a pretty easy, cozy and classic fall tablescape with you, hoping it maybe inspires some of you to create one of your own. In all honesty it was pretty fun putting it together. 
I knew I had to warm up my table with an anchor of some kind. So I used my favorite Plaid Ikea Throw that you can find here, I also knew I didn't want to buy a ton of new things for my table so I just brought some pumpkins in from outside.

 I got the Cinderella pumpkins from a local farm earlier this month, I also learned that they were called Cinderella pumpkins so now I say Cinderella pumpkins all the time. See, I can't stop myself from saying Cinderella pumpkins. 

I also wanted to bring in some natural elements to fill in some of the blank spaces so I just used some dried limelight hydrangeas and was pretty happy with the outcome! 

The Wicker Chargers are just so swoon worth! They add so much texture and such a fun element to this classic fall inspired table, don't you think? You can buy your own here!

 I can't wait to create a winter tablescape with them in the upcoming months! 

The 'Give Thanks' sign is made from Kristy at The Painted Nest on Etsy  and she is fabulous!! She makes the best quality signs and I have so many from her! PS. This sign is DOUBLE SIDED! The other side says Trick or Treat so that means it can double as Halloween Decor when the time comes (which is soon because apparently it's October already?!)

I really love this large table and the darker wood! I knew when we moved into this house that I wanted a huge table to gather around and this one is perfect, it's from Pier 1 and you can find it Here and it's on sale!!! 

I love all of the neutral and colorful elements of this fall table! 
What about you? 

I'm also going through a crisis, or well, it feels that way. I'm wanting to paint the dining room.. get new chairs, a new table.. you know. And I literally blogged a couple of months ago that I was happy with this space FINALLY. This is my life. LOL

I'd love to hear your thoughts on tablescapes! Let's chat on Instagram or Facebook! Or you can leave a comment below, I always love hearing from you guys. It makes my heart so happy. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement!

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  1. Oh how I just love pumpkins! Your decor is always pure perfection, Laurie!

  2. I am so bad w tablescapes! We entertain SO much I hate moving it all the time! But they are so gorgeous well done! I had no idea that those pumpkins were called that until this year either and love! And the Painted Nest sign is the BEST!

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