Farmhouse Chic Entryway- Day 1 of The Halloween Home Tour!

It's here, It's here!! Halloween Week! Can you believe it? I can't. But I'm excited!! I'm also excited to share my 5 days of Halloween with you. I'll be doing a tour of 5 different spaces all decked out for Halloween and I'm so excited you've joined in on the fun, so grab your favorite mug (or a glass of wine, I mean, I don't judge!) and hang out with me for a little bit today as I give you the tour of our Halloween Entryway!

Most of you that have been following along for awhile know that we don't really have an entryway. You just sort of walk into the dining room, turn to the right and there it is. 

So I just sort of make the most of this space for what it is. It gets all decked out for every season and holiday! Halloween of course, being no exception. 
Let's start with the basics shall we? I really love to just keep out my everyday decor and then fill in with some seasonal decor when the mood strikes. I did however, decide to ditch my neutral colored runner for this Spooky Mantel Cloth I picked up at {Pier 1} I was really obsessed with all of their Halloween Decor this season! The Gold Glittery Pumpkins are from there as well, and so is my favorite white and copper lantern! You can find a similar one here.
The Bats were from Target Dollar Spot last season but I'm pretty sure they sold something similar this year also.

We really love having Skelly out this time of year;) 
I'm forever obsessed with this double sided sign that Kristy from The Painted Nest made for me! The other side says "Give Thanks!" and I shared it in this post here.

By the way, I really need a new jute rug, this one is starting to show it's age! I got mine at Target and you can find it here. USE CODE FALLHOME for 10% off!!! 

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you guys that this space has already been dismantled in preparation for a new season. #BLOGGERLIFE but I'm excited to decorate for my next favorite Holiday, even though I won't yet say the word! 

I'd love it if you come check out tomorrow's post it's one of my absolute FAVORITE spaces!! I know you'll love it too. Or well, I hope so, at least!

So what do you guys think of my Halloween Entryway? Do you decorate for Halloween? I think it can definitely be tricky! But I'd love to hear all about it if you do! Let's chat on Instagram or Facebook! I just love hearing from you guys! 
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  1. Love it so much!! And I love how you go all out! This makes me want to ramp up the Halloween portion of my decor... I usually just decorate for fall in general.

  2. Confession - I didn't even decorate for Halloween this year. I went straight to the fall stuff. Now I kind of regret because your house looks so adorable and festive. I love everything about it!

  3. I feel like people who come into my house the beginning of November need an excuse as to why I'm crazy about Christmas. Lol